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Some Galaxy S24 models are likely to have an Exynos 2400 chip

Exynos flagship chips have not performed well in recent years, which is why this year the Galaxy S23 series only comes with Qualcomm chips. While we expected to see such a thing next year, apparently the Koreans want to launch some versions of the Galaxy S24 series with the Exynos 2400 chip.

For a long time, Samsung used two different types of chips in its flagships: Snapdragon and Exynos. Of course, this approach brought a lot of criticism from users to this company; Criticisms that will not be heard again this year. However, Samsung initially wanted to continue this process again.

The Korean company actually worked on the flagship Exynos 2300 chip for the Galaxy S23 series, but now it’s reportedly planning to use it in its high-end phones like the Galaxy S22 FE and even the Galaxy Tab S8 FE tablet. We also expected that Exynos chips will not make their way to Samsung flagships next year, but apparently it will be used in a limited way.

Samsung greenlights Exynos 2400 for Galaxy S24 series

according to A new reportApparently, Samsung MX has given the green light to the production of the next generation Exynos flagship chip, the Exynos 2400, codenamed Root, and its mass production will begin in November 2023. The report also claimed that the Galaxy S24 series in South Korea will be equipped with this chip.

Some Galaxy S24 models are likely to have an Exynos 2400 chip 2

We must point out that the Exynos 2400 is not the exclusive chip considered by Samsung for its flagships; A chip that Koreans have formed a team to develop and wants to compete with the best in the market. The chip is likely to arrive in 2025 for the Galaxy S25 series and will battle the 4th generation Snapdragon 8 with Nuvia cores.

The Exynos apparently uses four core clusters, which include a main Cortex-X4 core, two clusters with Cortex-A720 cores, and a cluster with four Cortex-A510 cores. In general, we seem to be dealing with a configuration of 1+2+3+4 cores, which cannot be trusted much; Because another rumor mentioned 8 cores (1+3+4) and not 10 cores.

Finally, it is said that the Exynos 2400 will be produced with Samsung’s 4LPP lithography and the advanced 3GAP technology is considered for the Exynos 2500.

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