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Soroush’s new issue with “Gando” case was published – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr reporter, the 1704 issue of Soroush Special Magazine, September 1400, has just been published and has appeared on the press counter.

Notes, faces and news, media, cinema, culture and literature are the main five sections of this magazine. In the “media” section of this issue, Soroush issues of security, Hosseinieh and nostalgia have been considered. Thus, articles about the month of Muharram and the mourning of Imam Hussein (AS) and the activities of the security forces and the Gando series have been published in this section. But apart from Gando, the previous TV series have also been talked about by the country’s security agents, such as the series “Safe House”, “Thief of the Soul”, “Inverted Interpretation of a Dream, My Sky, Tell the Truth”, “The Second Explosion”, “Puzzle” and so on.

Muharram lectures, Hosseinieh Iran program, 10th night series, conversations with Mahmoud Pakinit and Parviz Fallahipour about the 10th night, etc. are also among the contents of Soroush Hafti’s weekly “media” section, which have been broadcast on television focusing on the subject of Muharram.

The next section is “Cinema”, which begins with a file on the series of the Home Theater Network and continues with an interview with the CEO of the Iranian Youth Cinema Association. The issue of online screening is also one of the issues discussed in this section of the magazine.

The focus of the “Culture and Literature” section is “Hussein (AS) Atmosphere”.. This section with the article “Victory of the narrative over the sword!” It begins with an overview of the role of narratives in the representation of history. A review of the books “Hussein Ibn Ali” and “The Poetry of Hayati!” دیگر are other articles in this section of Soroush Weekly Magazine.

This magazine has been published with 64 pages and a price of 30,000 Tomans.


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