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Staging to get damage in Tabriz and Hamedan

Following the report of a vehicle colliding with a motorcycle in the city of Harris, which resulted in the injury of two people, a case was filed in the Central Branch of Asia Insurance in Tabriz, and the experts investigated this matter. They started the incident.
According to this report, the results of the investigation of the accident, expert reports and the records of the injured showed that one of the injured in 2016 due to a broken nose and other injuries amounted to 122 million rials from a damage insurance company and one of his friends in this case is a member. The gang of fake accidents in the famous garden of Tabriz has also received blood money.
With the efforts and vigilance of the technical experts of Asia Insurance, the contradictory answers of the plaintiffs regarding the exact manner and time of the accident, the bill, the documents and the relevant documents were provided to the competent judicial and disciplinary authorities. Finally, for the Court of Appeals, the accident was proven to be fake and the payment of 2 billion and 415 million Rials of unjustified bodily harm to my third party was prevented.
The report adds that in another traffic accident that resulted in death and injury and the formation of a claim for 2 billion and 630 million rials, the vigilance of the experts of the Central Asia Branch in Hamedan revealed the secret of the driver’s movement in this accident.
In the detailed investigation of the accident, the explanations of the technical officer, the failure to provide the driver’s documents and the lack of clear identification of the culprit of the accident by the injured, it was found that the guilty driver introduced himself as someone else.
The person introduced stated that he was not present in the accident and the guilty driver, due to the lack of a driver’s license, introduced himself as another person and Batbani, after the accident, obtained a license and presented it.

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