Start of car subsidy registration / Iran Khodro price difference with the market

According to Tejarat News, Iran Khodro’s subsidy plan by lottery method, according to the table of the circular, started on Tuesday, December 20, and will continue until the end of Thursday, December 2nd.

In this design, four products of Rana Plus Panorama, Dena Plus Turbo Automatic, Soren Plus and Peugeot 207 are offered with glass roof.

The delivery date of these registered cars is a maximum of three months. For more information about the latest subsidy plan of Iran Khodro, refer to the website of Iran Khodro Company or the link of this company to the address « ” click.

How many in the market?

According to Tejarat News, the question is how much is the price in Iran Khodro’s latest subsidy plan different from the market?

Looking at this price difference, it can be estimated that if nothing special happens in the car market, at the time of delivery of cars, a significant rent will go to the winners of Iran Khodro project.

Ranaplus glass roof

This car is one of the options in Iran Khodro’s subsidy plan.

The approved price of Ranaplus glass roof in this design is 227 million and 623 thousand Tomans and the price of this car in Market, Is 298 million tomans.

Soren Plus

One of the cars in Iran Khodro’s subsidy plan is Soren Plus.

The factory price of Soren Plus is 240 million and 408 thousand tomans, and this car is in Market, Is priced at 299 million tomans.

Peugeot 207 manual glass roof

Applicants can also purchase a Peugeot 207 with a glass roof when registering for the Iran Khodro subsidy scheme.

The price of Peugeot 207 manual glass roof factories in November is set at 233 million and 503 thousand tomans. This car in Market, 370 million Tomans will be traded.

Dena Plus automatic turbocharger

One of the cars in Iran Khodro’s subsidy plan is Dena Plus automatic turbocharger.

The price of Dena Plus automatic turbocharged factories is 393 million and 956 thousand tomans. Market, Is priced at 520 million tomans.

Factor and market price difference

These figures show the price difference between the factory and the market of Iran Khodro products.

This difference is about 71 million Tomans for Ranaplus glass roof and 59 million Tomans for Soren Plus.

Peugeot 207 manual glass roof is sold in the market for about 137 million tomans more expensive than the factory.

The price difference for Dena Plus automatic turbocharger reaches about 123 million Tomans.

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