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According to Tejarat News, at the end of trading on Saturday, the main thermometer of the glass hall faced a drop of 16,864 units, which is equivalent to 0.81% of this index. Based on this, the total index stood at the level of two million and 52 thousand units at the end of today’s trading.

The decrease in the height of the main indicator of the glass hall happened while the equal weight index, which shows the general price trend of all small and medium-sized companies, recorded a parallel but more intense performance and reached a height of 709,000 units with a decrease of 6,710 units.

The total OTC index, which reflects the general level of the stock prices of the companies present in the OTC, stood at the level of 25,684 units with a percentage drop of 243 units from the height of this index.

During the course of trading on Saturday, the status of the total index and the equal weight had a significant and specific difference from each other; The balance index can react sooner. Due to the positive movements in some individual stocks, the demand for medium and small stocks will probably increase in the second half of October.

Tehran Stock Exchange in the mirror of statistics

The board of Tehran Stock Exchange showed the value of small transactions (stocks, preemptive rights and mutual funds) on Saturday, 4 thousand 189 billion tomans. Today, the value of transactions increased compared to the level of Wednesday. Placing the value of transactions in the channel of 4 thousand billion tomans is not enough to increase the dynamics of the market.

The board of Tehran Stock Exchange shows the trading volume of 6 billion and 900 shares on Saturday. Experts believe that the more the trading volume reaches higher levels in the current ranges of the total index, the clearer the vision of the new wave of the total index will be drawn in the minds of the shareholders. Because the entry of fresh shareholders will make the way up more smooth.

Sunday stock market forecast

The stock market fell on the first day of the week due to the shock of increasing regional tensions with the conflict between the resistance forces of Gaza and Israel. Sellers’ cascading offers started at the beginning of the market and this trend continued until the last minute of the trading session.

Amid the release of 1.7 billion dollars of Iran’s foreign exchange resources in Luxembourg, it makes the government’s hand more open to advance control policies. With the reduction of inflationary expectations, the markets show a greater tendency to stay at the current levels.

What is of great importance for the capital market at the current stage is the transaction volume factor. The important range of two million to two million and 50 thousand units of the total index is known as the market floor by the people of the stock market, and in the coming week, all market participants will focus on these levels of the total index.

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