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According to Tejarat News, at the beginning of trading on Tuesday, the news about the US Treasury’s authorization to release Iran’s 6 billion dollar resources led the market sentiment towards the fear of falling dollar prices. This atmosphere of fear was gradually neutralized with the resumption of Ferdowsi’s transactions and the publication of the price of American bills. Further, the reduction of this risk caused the people of the stock market to witness more dynamics in the trading of the last one hour on Tuesday.

At the end of the Tuesday market, the main thermometer of the glass hall decreased by 0.22%, equivalent to 4,598 units from the height of this index, to 2,127,000 units.

On the other hand, the equal weight index, which shows the same effect of small and medium stocks, had a better situation and reached a height of 718 thousand units with a growth of 0.45%.

Tehran Stock Exchange in the mirror of statistics

The board of the Tehran Stock Exchange shows the mid-week trading volume of 6.6 billion shares and the value of retail transactions (shares, preemptive rights and mutual funds) at 4,96 billion tomans.

Experts believe that the more the trading volume reaches higher levels in the current ranges of the total index, the brighter the vision of the new wave of the total index will be drawn in the minds of the shareholders. Because the entry of new shareholders will make the way up more smooth.

The value of transactions, another factor for evaluating the stock market situation, stopped its downward trend this week. Experts believe that stabilizing this index above seven thousand billion tomans is necessary for the continuation of the positive trend of the stock market.

Checking the ownership statistics of natural persons on Tuesday indicates the influx of natural persons’ capital from the stock market. The index of capital inflows and outflows at the end of Tuesday’s stock exchange reports the outflow of 246 billion tomans to stocks, preemptive rights and mutual funds. However, the outflow of real money during the last three trading days has experienced a decreasing trend, which can be considered as a sign of increasing hope for the Tehran Stock Exchange.

Directing capital to the stock market

Simultaneously with the position of the Iranian negotiators that they will negotiate and on the other hand Grossi’s words, the expectation of an agreement between Iran and the United States, either in the form of a temporary agreement or in the form of the JCPOA, has strengthened. Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency said: We know that there is a bilateral process between Iran and the United States. America has informed us about this. He further added: What was discussed or agreed upon is not clear to us.

Currently, if there is going to be a recession in the markets due to the stability of the dollar rate or its tendency to decrease due to the diplomatic atmosphere of the country, it does not seem that the stock market is the target of this recession. Because Tehran Stock Exchange has mostly experienced a kind of stagnation during the past years while the parallel markets had a lot of growth.

On the other hand, experts believe that in the phase of economic stability, investments go to productive markets and other parallel markets such as cars, real estate, etc. take on a consumption mode.

Wednesday stock forecast

The positive statements of the Minister of Economy attracted the attention of the people of the capital market. Ehsan Khandozi, the country’s Minister of Economy and Finance, said in an interview: The government will avoid making decisions and policies that cause more uncertainty in the stock market and unpredictability for investors in the country’s market and industries.

On the other hand, the positive sentiment resulting from the increase in car prices can be clearly seen during the transactions. Based on the news and events in the country’s political-economic atmosphere, experts believe that the stock market will experience more favorable conditions than Tuesday.

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