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Stop commercial behavior/ Heresies are the product of ignorance

According to the film reporter of Fars News Agency, one of the rare events in Nowruz this year was the broadcasting of movies on TV. Works that have not yet been released to the public and will probably never see the color of the silver screen. The works that were made with large government budgets and now, because they did not see the ability to be screened in cinemas and attract the audience, have been removed from television. Undoubtedly, if these films had been made with the intention of being broadcast on TV from the beginning, much less money would have been spent on them.

It is clearly obvious that the presence of non-film directors, lack of expertise and lack of taste and knowledge has caused the treasury to waste. Hundreds of billions of funds have been spent on works that are not even able to reach the public screening.

Farabi Cinema Foundation (all the works assigned to television were produced or supported by this foundation) is one of the main institutions in the country that is responsible for the production of cinematic works, but the examination of the activities of this organization shows that there is a difference between its performance and the slogans that are used every day in There is an insurmountable gap that is widely published by various media. In this report focusing on the opinions of two cinema critics and journalists, Reza Montazeri and Masoud Kargar, we analyze the hidden dimensions of the issue.

*Both they get the government budget for film production, and they don’t wait for the release

In a conversation with the media, Reza Montazeri said about the broadcast of movies that have not yet been shown on the cinema screen, but were broadcasted on television networks.

Unfortunately, as we have been witnessing a series of very strange events in the cinema organization for a long time, it has turned on the same heel again, and this year we had 1402 films in Nowruz screening, which were being screened at the same time as the movie title, and suddenly there was news that TV channels is also aired, and this unfortunately shows the imprudence and imprudence of some movie directors, which has caused them to put TV movies instead of movies in the Nowrozi box office!

* What is the reason for us to produce TV works in the cinema with the budget of the cinema

He added: This incident is very impressive, first of all, what is the reason for us to produce television works in the cinema with the budget of the cinema, and this is the same debate that has been raised for years. The country produces low-quality films in terms of structure and content, which are included in the form of telefilms, and cinema organizations use systematic budgets to produce these works. I believe that if there is a bit more tact and prudence on the part of movie directors and there is a more serious look at the phenomenon of the seventh art, the situation will be a little better.

* This business view is not suitable and this type of business should be stopped

Montazeri said: “Unfortunately, not only are we not witnessing this happening regularly, but we are still witnessing more strange events and it is interesting that before a movie is released, TV buys that work to broadcast it.” Also, in addition to the neglect of movie directors, this condition shows that active movie producers are professionals and it is clear how much these people care about business. Both they take government funding for film production and they don’t wait for the release and sell that work to TV.

In the end, he said: This business view is not suitable and this type of business should be stopped. Before this, we witnessed the production of works that are broadcast on TV, but not in this way, and I believe that these problems require the courage and determination of cultural and cinema directors to stand in front of this sinister phenomenon.

Directors do not have a sense of cinema, they do not know the taste of the audience

Many critics have spoken about the low level of works produced by the Farabi Foundation during the past year.

In this regard, Masoud Kargar, a critic and journalist of the cinema, has also said: Sham directors do not know the taste of the audience and do not have enough experience in this field to be able to move towards the revolution level cinema, quality is not important to them and they are looking for quantityism and Maybe they think that the quality of the works they have supported is high, but in fact it is not!

In response to the question, why do you think the government bodies have spent the funds of Bait-al-Mal to produce films that were inferior and failed to attract the opinions of the cinema and media and why the directors are pursuing quantityism, contrary to the slogan of qualityism, he noted: Iran turned from art and presentation of artistic goods to commercial cinema and industrial debate prevailed; Cinema emptied the mold of cultural content.

Farabi Cinema Foundation thought that if it increases the amount of work and makes 9 films, it will be right, but when the quality of works is low, this budget will be wasted. Some of these works are officially telefilms or semi-documentaries! These works have no function or effect for the specialized audience of cinema and the field of media and criticism, and even people who go to the cinema for entertainment or education.

*The last word

In the final analysis, the management of the country’s cinema field requires expertise, in order to move in the direction of ideal cinema and realize the slogans and values ​​of the holy Islamic system, expert and committed forces are needed so that they can have a direct impact on the country’s cinema field and move towards revolutionary cinema. move Islamically.

Investigations show that the Farabi Cinema Foundation has been pregnant with wrong decisions in the country’s cinema during the past year, apart from all the small and large margins of this foundation, it is necessary to put aside a little custom advertisements of the media and distance ourselves from propaganda and focus on its performance. Based on the detailed examination of the 9 works that this foundation claims to have produced), let us have a correct judgment of the current situation.

Iranian cinema and its true sympathizers are now more worried than ever, carefully monitoring the news of this foundation and waiting for judgment about its functions.

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