Strange condition for single housing applicants

According to Tejarat News, there have been some rumors that single men over the age of 25 can also register in the housing leap scheme if they are married by the time the housing is delivered. But what is the duty of those who have not been married by that date?

According to the Young Journalists Club, Rostam Ghasemi said in a TV program: “To promote marriage, we have provided the possibility of registering singles in the plan of the National Housing Movement, but at the time of delivery, these people must be married.” If the registered person does not get married, the land will not be free at the time of delivery of the house and the single person will have to pay for the land.

Regarding the latest status of the National Housing Movement projects, Ghasemi said: “The system has been designed to register applicants, but unfortunately we do not have a comprehensive plan to identify applicants.”

He added: “We have recently modified Form C so that people can make more use of this scheme, and we have increased the time for this form in the big cities to five years, so that many people can register.”

Ghasemi emphasized: 3,800,000 people have registered in the National Housing Movement plan so far, and people in 800 cities can register.

He said: “Applicants are being screened at the same time as registration, and people who are in the National Housing Movement will be introduced to the projects.”

Ghasemi said: “More than 200,000 housing units in Mehr are still facing legal problems and we have set up a team whose task will be determined soon.” Currently, many housing units do not have an applicant, and in these new projects, we will not build a unit that does not have an applicant.

The Minister of Roads and Urban Development said: “We do not build housing in these projects, but we do urban development, and all the infrastructure has been provided at the same time.”

Approximately brought applicants for units of the National Housing Movement

Ghasemi said: “Even if we do not have land in part, we are ready to buy land and provide it to applicants.” 360 thousand billion tomans per year has been allocated for the implementation of this project and all the details of this project, the method of payment and profit of these facilities have been reviewed and announced by the banks.

Ghasemi stated: At present, only one bank performs operational work to pay for facilities, which is 450 million Tomans for Tehran and between 400 and 200 Tomans for other cities and villages. Banks will be dealt with by the law if they do not fulfill their obligations to pay the facilities.

The member of the government cabinet stated: the interest that has been considered for these facilities of the Monetary and Credit Council is 18%, which is very suitable in these inflationary conditions of the country, with a repayment period of 20 years. We will scale the installments.

Ghasemi stated: the number is not yet known for the installments and the amount brought, and people will pay the installments about 2 years after construction.

He said: The forecast is that the initial income of the applicants for Tehran will be about 150 million Tomans.

We have no agreement with Turkish manufacturers

Ghasemi added: “We will use the power and capacities of mass-produced companies and we have not had an agreement with Turkish manufacturing companies.” We are behind in industrialization in Iran and we must develop the technical and engineering system by building a residential unit in the country.

Ghasemi stated: The comprehensive plan of linked information has not been designed yet and we have submitted it to the Tax Affairs Organization in the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development based on the statistics of vacant houses that we had.

The Minister of Roads and Urban Development emphasized: The real estate and housing system is currently incomplete and we currently have information on 60 million households and people have to complete their information.

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