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According to Tejarat News, the total index increased again in today’s market transactions and continued to rise powerfully in the channel of 1.6 million. Accordingly, this capital market index grew by 21 thousand and 242 points equivalent to 1.29% of this index in today’s transactions.

Also, today, like the previous day, the total equal weight index behaved in line with the main market indicator and increased by 7,236 units, equivalent to 1.46%, which shows that the market as a whole is green.

It should be mentioned that the board of Tehran Stock Exchange shows the volume of today’s transactions at 22.51 billion and the value of transactions at 9.991 billion tomans.

Suspicious volume

A review of today’s market transactions shows that the following shares had suspicious volume and on average eight to 10 times the average volume of their month.

In the table below, M stands for million.

The highest transaction value

During today’s market trading, the three shares of Khagstar, Khodro and Foolad recorded the highest trading value and the shares of Day, Shasta and Khabaman recorded the highest volume of trading. Also, the share of Fars also got the highest market value.

Vemlal gained the highest yield of the day with an increase of 7.97%. Gedna also recorded the worst performance with a 6.95% drop in today’s market.

Enter smart money

The highest net real purchase was also assigned to the shares of Khabahman, Maadan and Web. Shamala, Etka and Thalund also had smart money entry during today’s trading. On the other hand, the stock filters show that the Shepedis, Shedus and Webank symbols had smart money exits.

It should be noted that the highest number of actual purchases per capita were in Atcom, Shagameran and Techno shares. Also, Volpars registered the highest demand pressure during today’s trading. On the other hand, the highest supply pressure was also in the symbol of Ghapino.

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