Tahmasebi: I hope we break the Chinese spell in Hangzhou / Mansoorian sisters are motivated

Razia Tahmasebi In an interview with IRNA on Wednesday, regarding the training conditions of the national women’s wushu team, he said: “The fifth stage of training began on Sunday at the Wushu Academy and will continue until May 20.” So far, we have held two selection stages, and on May 16, another selection will be held between the first and second persons of each weight. If it does not lead to the next selection, the composition of the two-member expedition team to the Asian Games on the same day will be determined.

He continued by stating that the women’s sanda competitions in the Hangzhou Asian Games will be held in only 2 weights: in the weight of 52 kg. الهه منصوریان And Arezoo Salimi There are people in the army that Elahe won in the first election. At a weight of 69 kg, Shahrbanoo And Soheila Mansoorian They are present that Shahrbanoo will be the first winner of these two.

Tahmasebi said that the Mansoorian sisters are on the verge of reaching the main squad again: “They are experienced people and they will excel in the elections.” The goddess is in the best condition physically, mentally and experientially, and a year of training and racing in China has also helped her a lot.

He said: Shahrbanoo Mansoorian He also has valuable experience and showed that smoke rises from the stump. He suffered a minor injury that he was able to overcome with physiotherapy and medical care, and was able to beat his opponents.

Tahmasebi, regarding how much he expected Elaheh and Shahrbanu to have the best chance to be sent again, said: “In the weight of 52 kg, I thought of Elaheh from the beginning, but in 60 kg, I did not think that Shahrbanu could be equal to her opponents due to her difficult surgery and age.” The young man succeeds in the election.

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He explained that Iranian women wushu wrestlers have not yet succeeded in defeating the Chinese in the Asian Games and are longing for a gold medal in this event: For Chinese wushu, the Asian Games are much different from the world competitions and with the best preparations and people for this event. They are important. The federation’s management staff, wushu practitioners and coaches are trying to win medals in Hangzhou. We have a calculated plan and I am trying my best to win gold in the Asian Games.

“Of course China is the host and it will be harder to beat them,” he said. Elahe’s Chinese opponent is the same player who also fought her four years ago in Jakarta, but the representative of China in the 60 kg weight category has not been determined yet.

Regarding the training programs for the women’s team, she said: “We will not have a foreign camp, and in addition to Tehran, two stages of training will be held in Isfahan and Shahrekord.” However, in July, the Indian women’s wushu team will come to Tehran to have a joint camp and preparatory meetings.

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