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Taj: I saw scenes that are not to our liking and the conditions of Azadi Stadium have also changed

According to the sports reporter of Fars news agency, Mehdi Taj said about the Al-Nasr team’s presence in Tehran and holding the match against Persepolis: The national team tried to hold this match in the best way. We had deficits at the Azadi Stadium, which were resolved to a much easier extent. We also discussed the stadium repairs, which are being done gradually. Two weeks ago, the situation is very different. The situation will be better than this.

He continued: Today we had a meeting with the Minister of Sports and after that a complete visit was made to the stadium. Hashmi gave instructions that will be done tomorrow and I think the game will be played smoothly and well. I hope the Nasris are satisfied. The coach of this team, who spoke to me, expressed his satisfaction and I hope that everything will end well in the future.

The head of the football federation said about the people’s reaction to the presence of stars like Ronaldo in Tehran: “The scenes I saw are not beautiful to us.” Persepolis is one of the most popular teams in Asia. We have three competent representatives in Asia who perform their duties efficiently. I think this situation will become normal.

Regarding the opening of VAR to Azadi Stadium, Taj noted: We knew from the beginning that the Asian Champions League games will not be played without VAR. Since those days, we made arrangements to buy this entire system, but because we had obstacles that are being resolved, we were thinking. VAR came today and everything went great. 16-17 people have come for the VAR judging team and we welcome them. My impression is that the VAR problem will be solved.

He clarified about hosting Iranian teams in opponents: Saudi Arabia was complaining and should have given consent. AFC also informed us that if an agreement is not signed, Iran cannot be the host. I got an airport visa and went to Saudi Arabia and talked to the officials of this country and we reached a comprehensive memorandum at 2:00 p.m. Yesterday, the Saudi ambassador came to the Federation and I talked with him about this. We must create conditions to have more football relations with Saudi Arabia. The referees of the match between Iran and Angola were also Saudis.

The head of the Football Federation stated regarding the conditions of the Azadi Stadium grass: the stadium grass must be repaired. If we can postpone the league for 4 months or play the free games somewhere else, we can do it in the best way and replace the grass, but if not, we should at least repair it. The condition of the grass is better than before.

Regarding the fact that the manager of the company that Iran rented VAR from is an Israeli, Taj said: I don’t know him at all. We got VAR from AFC and I don’t know the managers of that company. This system is brought by AFC and we are not aware of the details. That VAR has finally arrived and is available to us, and our side of the account is AFC. AFC has paid all the expenses, but if we want to keep VAR, that is another matter.

Regarding holding the AFC Congress, he said: This Congress had some good news. One is that we were one of the 12 countries that had the lowest debt. In the past, whenever they wanted to give an example in this regard, they mentioned the name of Iran. We have about 1,500 open cases in AFC, of ​​which about 30 are related to us. This issue is very good and we should talk more about this with the officials of the clubs. We are one of the 6 countries that implement the professional license in futsal. In the women’s section, we are one of 9 countries where two of our clubs have professional licenses. We have good conditions, but about South Korea, I must say that they will hardly implement the financial fair play that is being implemented in our league. The difference between them is that 70% of the income should be spent on players and the league and 30% should be allocated to infrastructure. This shows that we are off to a good start. In this meeting, UEFA also talked for about 2 and a half hours about all the licenses of professionals in Asia and said that we will make financial fair play much stricter this year.

Taj said about Sepahan: I am not talking about anything special and I shouldn’t. Sepahan should use the legal capacity at its disposal, which is appeal. If he has an objection to the decision of the disciplinary committee. My advice is to use this capacity. If they think they have been wronged, they should go to the appeals committee with documents.

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