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According to Tejarat News, on the second trading day of the last week of this summer, the stock market passed the opening hour with better demand than on Sunday. However, very soon, the repeating pattern of last week, i.e. the gradual decrease in demand over time, took place and pushed the index to the negative ranges of the fluctuation range.

The point of return of the stock market from its erosion downward trend started with the rumors of feed rate formulation. With the approval of Ehsan Khandozi, the Minister of Economy, the revision of feed rates for petrochemicals and refineries became official, and further, the positive news of the increase in the base exchange rate of petrochemicals and refineries in the commodity exchange made the market sentiment positive. However, the market has entered the phase of spotting and at this stage, the entry of a new stimulus is necessary to charge the transactions.

The performance of the glass hall displays

At the end of the second trading day of the week, the main thermometer of the glass hall decreased by 0.11%, equivalent to 2,300 units from the height of this index, to the level of 2,133,000 units.

On the other hand, the equal weight index, which shows the same effect of small and medium stocks, recorded a better performance and reached a height of 723 thousand units with an increase of 0.11%. The divergence of the two main indicators of the glass hall shows that the flow of money has gone to the medium and smaller stocks of the stock market.

Tehran Stock Exchange in the mirror of statistics

On Sunday, the increase in the value and volume of transactions had warmed the heart of the shareholders. During Monday’s trading, although there was a slight drop compared to Sunday’s trading in the value and volume of trading indicators, the value of trading remained in the corridor of 4,643 billion. Experts believe that stabilizing this index above seven thousand billion tomans is necessary for the continuation of the positive trend of the stock market. The board of Tehran Stock Exchange shows the trading volume of 8.2 billion shares on the second trading day of the week.

Experts believe that the more the trading volume reaches higher levels in the current ranges of the total index, the brighter the vision of the new wave of the total index will be drawn in the minds of the shareholders. Because the entry of new shareholders will make the way up more smooth.

Checking the statistics of the ownership of real people on Sunday indicates that real people’s capital is leaving the stock market. The index of capital inflows and outflows at the end of Monday’s stock exchange reports the outflow of 437 billion tomans from shares, preemptive rights and mutual funds. The withdrawal of real money has been stopped during the recent trading days, which can be considered as a sign of increasing hope towards the Tehran Stock Exchange.

Stock forecast for Tuesday

The lackluster day of the capital market showed the shareholders that maybe the market is not yet fully ready to start the next wave of growth. However, the glass is half full is that the market is not eating heavy negative. Since last week, there have been enough reasons, including the drop in the price of the dollar after the news of the agreement, which was transmitted from the country’s diplomatic atmosphere; However, the market has not experienced a sharp drop. This issue can give the public of the stock market a valid floor signal of the main indicator of the glass hall.

With the end of the first 6 months of the year approaching, the market is waiting for the release of 6 months reports. As the profitability of companies grows, 6-month reports can be considered as an important driver for the market. Experts believe that after a tough summer for the stock market, the market trend in the third quarter of the year will be positive.

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