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Talib Nasab: A point from Sepahan makes Esteghlal the champion / Persepolis is in disarray

Asghar Talibansab saidوگو Regarding the situation of Sepahan after the end of the group games of the Asian Champions League and on the eve of the match against Esteghlal, he told a sports reporter of Fars News Agency: “There may be issues within the team that we do not know much about from the outside, but as I do I saw in the games, the team could not have the potential to express itself. Sepahan is the best team in Iran in terms of nuts and facilities, but it could not use these conditions well. in the game Finally, receiving 5 goals ruined the work of this team.

He added: The conditions of this team to play with Esteghlal, especially in Isfahan, are different. In general, playing with Sepahan in Isfahan has been difficult for any team and we have seen this in all the past years. Surely this game will be heavy for independence. However, Esteghlal wants only one draw to win this game. Because the other teams are far away and Persepolis does not really have the conditions to win, and this has been shown in the last few games. In this way, Esteghlal has taken a big step to win if it can get a point in Isfahan.

The type of defense is the Achilles heel of Sepahan

The former midfielder of Esteghlal and Sepahan, regarding the fact that we may see another Sepahan in the Premier League due to the difference in the level of the Asian Champions League, said: “The table shows that Sepahan is very good in the offensive phase but has problems in the defensive structure.” This issue is not very relevant to the defense either. It is true that in the Asian Champions League, the level of teams is high, Sepahan was also a difficult group, this team was under pressure and weaknesses were seen more, but in general, Sepahan Achilles heel is the type of defense. That’s why he has scored in most games.

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He added: “Esteghlal has been a stable team this season, and has worked sensibly both in defense and attack.” I would not say that he has done a masterpiece, but he has worked well in the offensive phase and, in addition, he has been acceptable in defense, he has not scored many goals and he is not even without a loss. In general, he has good conditions, and if he can get a draw in Isfahan, he will definitely get very close to the championship, considering the next game with Padideh in Tehran.

Sepahan comes with all its might, regardless of Asia

Asked whether Sepahan’s fatigue and mental condition could be an important advantage for Esteghlal to win the game due to the elimination of Asia, Talib Nasab said: “Sepahan is tired and does not have good mental conditions, but we should not forget all the players, coaches and clubs.” The game against Esteghlal or Persepolis is calculated differently. Rest assured, Sepahan will come as if nothing has happened to this team in Asia, they will come with all their might to get the necessary result. They play in front of their spectators and want to console their fans for leaving the Asian Games. In my opinion, Sepahan players play stronger and better than before.

“As I said, it will be a heavy game and we should not say that Esteghlal has won the game,” the football expert said, referring to the fact that Esteghlal lost either. The game in Isfahan has its own conditions. That is why I say that if he draws, he can become a champion. Esteghlal has two tough games until the end of the season. One is the same game with Sepahan and the other is the game with steel in Ahvaz. If he gets 5 points from the next three games, he will become the league champion.

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Talib Nasab: A point from Sepahan makes Esteghlal the champion / Persepolis is in disarray

It only destroys the inner margin of Esteghlal’s heroism

Regarding the fact that if Esteghlal loses against Sepahan, according to the team’s game against Persepolis in Tehran, the championship path may change, he said: “I believe that if they lose in this game, there will be no problem.” Because Persepolis does not have the necessary conditions to win these games. The team is disorganized and the games are forced. There are 6 games left and I say Esteghlal is the champion. Only one issue can ruin the work of this team. That is, independence from the margins and some issues.

Talib Nasab said: I myself have experienced this situation. When Samad Marfawi was present in Esteghlal, our situation was better than now, but we did not score 6-7 consecutive games. During that period, the names of the players were not sent to Asian clubs and they left the team. The club was marginalized and there was no money. We had trouble getting to the hotel and did not even have a training ground. The team fell apart and everything was lost in 7-6 weeks. Such things must happen to the team and the club. Therefore, the club must be careful about the margins, and if someone does not have a problem with someone, Esteghlal has no problem winning the championship.

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