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Teaching the best sexual position

For most people, diversity is very exciting. Now imagine how pleasant and attractive it can be if this variety takes place in one of the main human needs, sex. Most couples and sexual partners use only a few sexual positions in their sex. While there are dozens of pleasurable sex positions that can heighten the excitement of sex more than ever. If you want to have basic information about each of these positions, stay with us until the end. What is the most enjoyable sexual position according to the majority of women and men?

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sexual problems; The cause of more than 70% of divorces

You must know that the number of divorces in our country is increasing day by day. The cause of divorce can be related to dozens of different factors, but sexual problems are at the top of them. After sex, if the couple does not reach the peak of sexual pleasure and do not experience a satisfying orgasm, they will feel adverse psychological effects, which will undoubtedly lead to many problems. Take these problems seriously. With your desired sexual position, you may be able to bring some sexual satisfaction to yourself and your partner. The continuation of this article can probably help you.

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The best sex position

No one can tell you what exactly is the best sex position? Only you and your partner decide in which position you reach the peak of your orgasm and sex is more enjoyable for you. But here we introduce you the most popular sex positions:

Classic model

In this position, the woman lies down and the man sits on her body with her legs open. Many couples believe that they have experienced the deepest state of penetration in this position. This position is very popular and from the point of view of many women and men, it is considered the best sexual position. If you are not planning to get pregnant, don’t forget to use a condom.

The position of the woman at the top

In this case, the control of the relationship is with the woman. The man lies down and the woman sits on him. The entire male penis is placed in the female penis in this position. The speed of penetration is determined by the woman and for this reason it can be favorable for women. Men, who see their partner completely face to face in this position, enjoy this position a lot.

Female model above

Doggy style position

This position, where the man initiates sex from behind, allows him to take the sex at any pace he wants. In addition, it has the possibility of a deep penetration in the woman’s vagina and experiences a memorable pleasure. Don’t get me wrong, the doggy position is not only desirable for men. This sexual position is the best position to stimulate the G-spot. If you don’t know about the G spot, we should say that this spot is a part of the vagina that, when stimulated, leads to an orgasm and a pleasurable ejaculation.

Doggy style model

Cowgirl and cowboy sex position

In the cowboy position, the woman lies down and the man sits on her in a sitting position. But in cowgirl or cowgirl mode, the man lies down and the woman is on top of him and takes control of the sexual relationship. In both of these situations, it is possible for the male penis to fully penetrate the female penis and it will bring satisfaction to both sex partners. It is also possible for sexual partners to be face to face and this position is very enjoyable for many people during sex.


Frog jump position

This sexual position is one of the best for gentle strokes. The frog jump position is very similar to the doggy style position. The man sits on his knees behind the woman’s head and the woman kneels down and bends her body down and her chest and head are almost on the ground. In this case, the man puts his legs inside the woman’s legs to some extent, and the control of the relationship is generally in the hands of the male sex of the relationship. Women who have problems with vaginal dryness, it is better to buy lubricant gel to make the pleasure of sex more pleasant for themselves.

leap frog

Spooning position

Women who want to let go and surrender to the caress of their partner’s hands should try the spoon sex position. In this model, both men and women lie on their sides and the woman pulls her legs back a little so that the man can fully penetrate. In the spoon position, it is possible to touch women’s clitoris and reach orgasm as best as possible, both by themselves and by their sexual partners.

spoon position

Model standing in sexual position

In this case, the woman and the man face each other in a standing position and the woman raises one of her legs, allowing the male penis to enter. The standing sex position can also be performed in a position where both the man and the woman are standing, but the woman turns her back to the man to have sex and enter the vagina from behind.

Standing model

Iron or Flatiron sexual position

This position is popular with men who want to experience deep penetration in the female penis. In this model, the woman lies on her stomach, raises her hips slightly, and the man does the penetration from behind and completely inserts his penis into the vagina. In this case, the vagina may become tighter and sexual pleasure may reach its peak. Also, this situation increases the feeling of intimacy and closeness in couples.

Iron position

Sexual position in the kitchen

Kitchen Confidential position is one of the positions that can be very pleasant for variety. In this model, the woman sits on the open kitchen (or any other type of table) and while her legs are spread, the man hugs her and the woman wraps her hands around the man’s neck. The control of the sexual relationship and its speed is in the hands of the male sex of the relationship, and the couples face each other and watch their faces being satisfied.

Sexual position in the kitchen

Sex position Pretzel or pretzel

Maybe you have gone to this sexual position less so far; But we suggest to go for this model to create variety and keep sexual excitement alive in your sex. In this model, the woman lies on her side, puts one leg straight and stretched, and raises the other leg and wraps it around the man’s waist. The kneeling man raises the woman’s leg with his hand, and as a result, penetration is possible. For a face-to-face relationship, this situation is really ideal.

Pretzel model

Lotus model

With both partners sitting straight, the man stretches his legs and the woman, with her legs spread, approaches the man and wraps her legs around his waist. Both sexual partners in this model will enjoy the deep penetration that is created. In this sexual position, the man finds the possibility to touch the woman’s breasts and bring the pleasure of flirting and caressing to the peak.

Lotus model

Sitting position on a chair

Don’t like sex lying down? So try this position. The man sits on a chair and the woman sits on the man with her back to him. The male penis is placed inside the vagina and the woman takes control of the sexual relationship by moving her body. Also, by using his hands, a man can help a woman’s body to move faster and double the sexual pleasure. If you suffer from knee pain, this position can be ideal for you.

Model sitting on a chair

The best position for the first sex

The concern of many people, especially women, is what kind of position to choose for the first sex to minimize pain and bleeding. In this regard, most experts suggest the (traditional) missionary model:

Missionary model for first sex

For the first sex, the most recommended position is the missionary model, in which the woman lies on her back, legs open and knees bent, and the man is in front of her; in such a way that the woman’s legs are on both sides of the man. In this case, a smooth penetration can be experienced. As a woman, ask your partner to slow down for the first time in order to feel less pain and pressure.

The best position for premature ejaculation sufferers

Statistics show that one out of every three men struggles with premature ejaculation. Some sexual positions make ejaculation happen faster. When men ejaculate, it is not possible to continue sex, but women can experience multiple orgasms in each sex and continue to have sex. The best sexual position for men who have premature ejaculation can be one of the following models:

  • Dog style
  • a spoon
  • Sitting

Evidence shows that positions in which men and women face each other are more stimulating for men and make ejaculation faster. However, it is up to you to decide in which sexual position you feel more comfortable. Also, be sure to consult a sex therapist regarding what techniques can be used to delay ejaculation. By buying delayed condom or delay spray, your problem will be solved to some extent.

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The best sex position to stimulate the G spot

G spot whose existence has not been fully proven, in women it is located inside the opening of the vagina and on its upper wall. By stimulating and massaging the G point in women, sexual pleasure increases and a more pleasurable orgasm occurs. Of course, it is worth noting that all women may never experience this type of orgasm. The best sexual position to stimulate the G spot can be one of the following:

  • Cowgirl position
  • Doggy style model
  • The position of the man on the woman or the traditional model

sexual position

The best sex position for pregnancy

During pregnancy, both women and men should consider considerations and choose a position for sex that does not harm the health of the fetus and mother. Sex therapists often recommend these models:

  • to have sex from behind; It means that the woman is placed on her hands and knees and the penis enters the vagina from the back. In this case, pressure will not be applied to the abdomen.
  • The man is lying down and the woman is sitting on him
  • spoon model
  • The cowgirl model (reversed) means that the woman lies on her back on top of her partner who is lying down.
  • to a standing position

Sexual position to get pregnant

What is the importance of which position you are in to increase the possibility of getting pregnant? It is important that the penetration is done completely and the semen falls into the vagina. An important point is that the woman should lie down for about 10 to 15 minutes after sex so that the semen does not come out.

You can choose any position to get pregnant, but these positions are most recommended: missionary style, doggy style, legs on shoulder, scissors, cowgirl (reverse). If you are very excited and counting down the days to get pregnant, we suggest you always have a baby check at home.

The best position for anal sex

Is anal sex good? You should know that the anus is not as flexible as the vagina, and this is why this type of sex can be very painful for women. By having anal sex, the possibility of bacterial infection and worsening of the hemorrhoid problem increases.

However and for whatever reason, if you want to try anal sex, it is clear that the best sex position is the dog style model, which allows the male penis to enter the anus well.

Sex position for people with small penis

Men who have a short penis should use models in which the penis enters the vagina completely vertically for sex. The position where the woman is placed on top or the cowherd girl can be ideal models.

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The best sex position for fat people

If you or your partner are overweight, you should come to the conclusion with which of the sexual positions you feel better and experience a better orgasm. Sex therapists usually recommend these methods for obese people:

  • doggy style
  • sitting model
  • spoon model
  • Cowgirl model

A final word about the best sex position

In the end, it is up to you and your partner to decide which sex position is best for you. We suggest you try different models and always have variety in your sex so that you don’t get bored. If you have problems with premature ejaculation or erection, you don’t want to have sex, or you recently feel that you are colder than before and you need advice, be sure to leave us a comment at the end of this article from the online positive green pharmacy magazine so that we can help you as soon as possible. guide

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