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Tehran air quality 16 Shahrivar 1402 / Tehran air quality index is 94 and healthy

According to the announcement of the air quality control company of Tehran, today, Thursday, 16 September 1402, the air quality index is currently at 94, which is healthy.

According to Moj news agency, according to the announcement of the control company Air quality in Tehran In the last 24 hours, the pollutant of the capital’s air index was “ozone” with an average of 106, and the air quality of the capital was in an unhealthy condition for sensitive groups. Currently, the index pollutant is “suspended particles less than 2.5 microns” with an average of 94 and the air quality is acceptable.

It should be mentioned that the air quality index (AQI) is divided into five main categories. Based on this division, from zero to 50 “clean” air, from 51 to 100 “acceptable (healthy) or average” air, from 101 to 150 “unhealthy for sensitive groups”, from 151 to 200 “unhealthy for all” groups”, from 201 to 300 air is “very unhealthy” and from 301 to 500 air quality conditions are “dangerous”.

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