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Tehran air quality on 19 July 1402 / Tehran air quality index is 79

According to the announcement of the Tehran Air Quality Control Company, the air quality index is currently at 79.

According to Moj News Agency’s report, based on the data of Control Company Air quality in Tehran Today, Monday, July 19, 1402, the air quality of the capital is in “acceptable” conditions in most areas, and the average concentration of suspended particles less than 2.5 microns, which is the main pollutant of Tehran, currently shows the number 79.

Forecasts made by the Tehran Air Quality Control Company show that this morning, the lack of effective wind and the increase in morning traffic will increase the concentration of suspended particles, and the air quality in some high-traffic areas will be in an unhealthy range for sensitive groups.

During the day, the speed of the wind will gradually increase and will facilitate the dispersion of pollutants, although due to the increase in temperature in the afternoon hours, the possibility of production and increase in the concentration of ozone pollutant and as a result the reduction of air quality in some areas is not far from expected.

With the continuation of effective wind blowing until late Monday, the concentration of pollutants will decrease, however, the increase in evening traffic can increase the concentration of suspended particles and reduce air quality in some high-traffic areas.

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