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Tehranis spent the summer without breathing clean air!

The hottest season of the year in Tehran has ended in a situation where the air quality board of Tehran did not record any clean days in the 3 months of summer!

According to the social reporter of Moj News Agency, based on the statistics of Control Company Air quality in Tehran The residents of the capital spent the summer season without clean air.

In July 1402, Tehran had 12 acceptable days, 18 unhealthy days for sensitive groups and one unhealthy day for all groups.

In March, Tehranis breathed 20 days of acceptable air, 8 days of unhealthy air for sensitive groups, and 3 days of unhealthy air.

In September, the conditions have slightly improved compared to the last 2 months, and Tehran’s air quality panel recorded 23 days of acceptable air, 7 days of unhealthy air for sensitive groups, and only one day of unhealthy air.

The main pollutant of Tehran’s air in hot summer days is PM 2.5 particles, followed by PM 10 particles and ozone (O3), which have been influential in intensifying Tehran’s air pollution.

The most polluted day of summer was 06/05/1402, when the dust rising from Alborz province recorded an index of 165 for the air of Tehran.

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