Tehran’s housing inflation is at a 2-year peak – Tejaratnews

According to Tejarat News, as reported by Iran Statistics Center, Tehran’s housing inflation has grown significantly in the first month of winter and has reached its highest level in two years.

In this month, the statistics center surpassed the central bank in announcing the monthly housing inflation in Tehran and depicted the price changes at this point. According to the data of this center, the weighted average price of each square meter of a residential apartment in Tehran has reached 54,926,000 tomans and has increased by 8.8% from the previous month.

However, according to the report of the Statistics Center, the growth of the consumer price index has also increased according to the price growth in this month and has reached 9.8 percent.

Record monthly housing inflation in Tehran

In economic literature, consumer price index is not the same as price. In general, what indicates inflation is the consumer price index, which, taking into account the weight of each item in the consumer basket, shows how much the price index actually was.

The growth of the consumer price index at any stage is called inflation at the same stage. In this regard, the data of Iran Statistics Center shows that Tehran’s housing price index was equal to 191.4 in the first winter month of the country.

Statistical comparisons show that the monthly inflation in Tehran’s housing sector was equal to 9.8% in December 1401 and it was at the peak of at least two years. This event caused the point growth of housing to be equal to 66% and to be at the highest level in the last year.

In addition to the growth of housing inflation in Tehran, the data has shown the upward trend of transactions in this period of time.

The transaction of 12 thousand residential units in January

In general, 12 thousand and 139 housing transactions took place in Tehran this month, which has increased by 3.1% compared to the previous month. The growth of housing prices, the record inflation of housing in Tehran and the continued increase in housing transactions in this city can be an indication of the influx of traders into the housing market of Tehran.

Some analysts believe that in January of this year, traders in the capital used the housing market as a safe market for investment, and with the growth of demand in this city, they caused the prices to rise.

Source: Eco Iran

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