The American embassy in Beirut is being evacuated

According to the report of Economy Online, quoted by Isna, America is evacuating its embassy in Lebanon and has issued an urgent statement to its citizens.

US citizens have been told to leave Lebanon immediately, Russia Elium reported.

This is while earlier as a result of the flight of 15 paragliders from the Lebanese side towards the occupied territories, the danger alarm sounded in all the Zionist settlements north of the occupied territories.

Hebrew language sources report the landing of these paragliders in the northern areas of the occupied territories and the penetration of the resistance fighters into the Zionist settlements of these areas.

Al Jazeera reported: In the occupied Golan, a warning siren has sounded.

The Zionist authorities announced to the Zionist settlers that they should stay in their residences and not leave the areas where the alarm sounds.
Al Jazeera reported that the fighters and reconnaissance planes of the Zionist regime flew near the border of the occupied territories with Lebanon.

A little while ago, Al-Mayadin reported that the alarm bells were sounded in the Zionist settlement of “Oyivim” located in the north of the occupied territories.

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