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The amount of bank check stamp duty was determined

According to the financial news, the representatives of the Islamic Council in the public session today Saturday and during the examination of the report of the consolidation commission of the bill of the 7th development plan, approved clause K of article 27 of the bill.

According to Clause K of Article 27 of the Bill, during the years of the program, the Riyal figures subject to Articles (44), (46) and (47) of the Direct Taxes Law and their notes are adjusted and applied based on the consumer price index.

According to Article 44 of the Direct Taxes Law, two hundred (200) Rials stamp duty is charged on each check printed by banks.

According to Article 46 of the Direct Taxes Law, from all transferable commercial documents that are issued or traded and used in Iran (with the exception of the documents mentioned in Articles 45 and 48 of this law) and discovery documents and from ownership rights to commercial property. Such as sea and air bill of lading, as well as commercial property insurance papers, one hundred Rials and forty Rials stamp duty will be charged from the land bill of lading.

According to Article 47 of the Direct Taxes Law, all contracts and similar documents as described below, which are exchanged between banks and their customers or are pledged on behalf of customers, if not registered in notary offices, a stamp duty equal to fifty Rials will be charged.

1- Acceptance sheet for the general conditions of the current account.
2- Loan contract or granting of facilities of any kind, as well as binding papers and forms that banks give to their customers under different names when conducting transactions.
3- Contracts for all types of investment deposits.
4- Bank power of attorneys that are set up in the bank office and customers hand over their right to sign to someone else.
5- Other contracts that are concluded between banks and customers and the parties assume obligations and responsibilities and are related to the matters mentioned in this article.
6- Guarantees issued by banks.
7- Request to issue a guarantee if the request is accepted by the bank and a guarantee is issued.
8- Request to open a letter of credit for inside Iran or for foreign countries if the request is accepted by the bank and a letter of credit is opened.

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