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The approach of Bank Saderat Iran is to support knowledge bases

According to the financial news report According to the public relations of Saderat Bank of Iran, Seyed Zia Imani, the CEO of Saderat Bank of Iran, in the coordination meeting of bank CEOs with the Vice President for Science and Technology and the Innovation and Prosperity Fund, added: the justification of the plans presented by knowledge-based companies to receive facilities to banks It can be done, it is very important and Saderat Bank of Iran tries to use the resources in companies that leave the most positive effects.

He emphasized: Therefore, one of the strategies of Bank Saderat Iran is to direct resources towards knowledge-based companies. Since the beginning of 2018, Bank Saderat Iran has introduced 198 facilities worth nearly 22 thousand billion Rials and 408 guarantees by introducing the Innovation and Prosperity Fund. It has paid more than 10,378 billion Rials to knowledge-based companies.

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