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The approach of the 16th Sheikh Baha’i National Festival is commercialization

In an interview with IRNA on Wednesday, Abdolreza Kabiri Samani added: “This year, in the competition sections of the Sheikh Baha’i National Festival, a separate point for commercialization and investment opportunities for products and ideas has been considered, and priority is given to teams that Have been successful.

He said: “In the previous periods of the festival, some teams had high scores in terms of technical indicators, but did not act very strong in terms of business and commercialization. Therefore, this year, priority is given to teams whose product can be presented to investors.” Have.

Kabiri, stating that the 16th Sheikh Baha’i National Technology Festival will be held in Isfahan on November 16 and 17 this year with the aim of introducing the top business technicians and designers, added: It will also be held virtually and the closing ceremony may be held in person or in a limited way.

Kabiri stated that the 16th edition of the Sheikh Baha’i National Festival will be held with changes compared to previous editions. “Creation” will be “and investment opportunities” do not exist separately in the competition section, but this issue is emphasized in the other two sections.

The Secretary of Sheikh Baha’i National Festival pointed out: “One of the special actions of the festival this year is the international call, so that we intend to use the capacity of international interactions of our country’s science and technology parks to participate in creative projects abroad in this event.” Provide.

He pointed out that this year, at the Sheikh Baha’i National Festival, the “Dr. Sheikh Zainuddin Industrial Award” will be given to the top technology companies in the technology group that have an international product and foreign exchange output, adding: “Also this year, non-competitive events Such as specialized workshops, “Capital Cafe” and “Bridge” are held next to the festival and attract investors and transfer experiences.

Kabiri explained: In the Capital Cafe program, a large number of investors and investors from the teams participating in the previous periods of Sheikh Baha’i Festival in bilateral meetings held with the festival management and held bilateral talks and so far about 150 meetings have been held. Some of them are being finalized.

He announced the opportunity to register in the competition section of the 16th Sheikh Baha’i National Art Festival by the end of September and added: “So far, the festival has been well received and teams and companies have registered that are ready to invest.”

Sheikh Baha’i National Technology Festival will be held as the first technological and creative event in the country by Isfahan Science and Research Town with the support of the Vice President for Science and Technology and the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.

This festival is held with the aim of identifying and introducing technology units and successful technicians to investors in two sections: competitive and non-competitive, which includes business designers and technicians; Non-competitive sectors also include investment opportunities, experience transfer sessions and exhibitions.

The festival is named after Sheikh Baha’i, as Sheikh Baha’uddin Muhammad Ameli, nicknamed the Baha’i Sheikh, one of the great figures of the Islamic world, performed valuable scientific, cultural and civil services in Iran to keep his memory alive.


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