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The business license of Farda Smart Insurance Company was issued

According to the financial news report, citing the General Department of Public Relations and International Affairs of the Central Insurance, the operating license of Farda Smart Insurance Company was issued after going through the relevant processes to obtain a license, and Farda Smart Insurance Company is allowed to carry out insurance operations from the date of issuance of the license. It will be in all fields of insurance.

According to this report, the Vice President of Planning and Development of Central Insurance congratulated the issuance of the company’s activity license in a separate letter and added: Now that by the grace of Almighty God and the continuous efforts of those involved, the activity license of that company has been issued, while congratulating the CEO (Mahmoud Amralahi) ) and the members of the board of directors, managers, employees and shareholders of Farda Smart Insurance Joint Stock Company, all the officials of that company are expected to use their efforts and diligence in complying with the relevant laws and regulations.

Fanadi further noted: In this regard, the Central Insurance of the Islamic Republic of Iran will also monitor the performance of that company in accordance with its legal duties within the framework of relevant laws and regulations.

In this letter, he also announced the expectations of the supervisory body from Smart Farda Company as follows:
Farda Smart Insurance Company is expected to provide insurance services in a completely digital way by using modern and smart tools and technologies such as artificial intelligence and exclusive software of the core of modern insurance to respected insurers by developing the required technological products. present and, accordingly, achieve the following results:
1. Increasing insurance coverage in less developed areas by developing smart insurance tools
2. Online and intelligent monitoring of the company’s process chain
3. Prevention and management of fraud and possible human errors
4. Increasing the satisfaction of policyholders by increasing accuracy and speed in processing requests for issuing, declaring and paying fair damages online
5. Providing online risk assessment reports of effective details in the parameters of insurance fields using business intelligence management dashboards
6. Cooperation for the faster growth and development of new insurance products and tools and creating convergent synergy in the innovation ecosystem of the country’s insurance industry

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