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The call for the 7th Iranian Youth Filmmaking Olympiad has been published

According to Fars News Agency, the registration of the 7th Youth Filmmaking Olympiad in the two sections of “Story Design” and “Filmmaking” will begin on Tuesday, September 14th of this year and will continue until the end of office hours on Saturday, November 13th.

Iranian teenagers between the ages of 12 and 17 inside or outside the country (born in 2005 to 2010) can participate in this cultural and artistic event. Me and my dear family, me and my national heroes, me and my faithful friends, me and my city of life, the God who loves me, the exciting world of youth are among the topics considered for this year’s Olympiad submissions.

Based on this report, applicants can go to and complete the registration form to learn about the conditions and register for the 7th Olympiad.

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