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The call for the theater event “Ham Al-Bashir” was published

The call for the artists’ company to participate in the theatrical event “Ham Al-Basari” of the city theater complex was published.

Charso Press: According to the public relations of the Shahr Theater Group, the call for the artists’ company to participate in the performance event “Ham Al-Bazaar” of the Qashqai Hall of the Shahr Theater Group was published.

The text of the call states:

In order to identify, support and introduce the “talented” artists of the country’s theater for effective participation in the production and presentation of “Nogra”, “Creative” plays, as well as creating a suitable opportunity for directing, performing and managing professional theater production projects, the city theater group organizes the “Ham Azam” theatrical event, focusing on the public performance of plays in the Qashqai Hall of this group.

All the participants of this event, after presenting their text, design and performance ideas, in addition to benefiting from the facilities of public performance of their desired show (after the approval of the works selection council), will enter the professional flow of theater production from the performance path in the city theater.

The purpose of this event is to identify the potential capacities of talented artists in Tehran and other cities of the country, to create a platform for presenting and performing events that are less experienced in Iranian theater, and to discover young talents from all over the country.

Based on this, those artists who have produced and performed other theatrical works before, provided that they have the priorities and components to participate in this project, can be in the process of producing and performing their new theatrical works.

Based on the plans made from among the works sent to the Expert Council and the selection of the performance event “Ham Al-Azari”, 15 to 20 plays will be presented to the General Department of Performing Arts of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance for public performance in the Qashqai Hall of the City Theater complex after reviewing the quality issues and evaluations that are made in this field.

Conditions of attendance

– All artists in the age group of 25 to 40 years can present their works to participate in this event.

– Priority is given to Iranian designs, ideas and texts.

– The presentation of selected ideas and texts requires a clear presentation of the “proposal”, the complete background of the group leader, group members, implementation requirements, presentation of new implementation ideas, the duration of the show, presentation of economic plans related to funding the project costs in areas such as sponsorship (provided that legal and legal contracts are concluded in this field) and explanations based on the goals of the event “Ham Al-Bashir” of the city theater complex.

How to announce the results and public performance of theatrical works

– After the public release of the event call and the submission of a performance plan, play and performance proposal by the applicant artists, 60 designs or texts will be accepted in the first stage.

– Works accepted in this section will be present in the initial review stage and after that 30 works will go to the next stage of the event.

Based on the plans, each of these 30 works should benefit from the presence of an artistic consultant (approved by the City Theater Group) in coordination with the Shahr Theater to improve the quality of their works.

– After the end of the event, among the works of the participants, 15 to 20 selected shows will be introduced to Qashqai Hall for the public performance of their show projects during a one-year calendar.

Timing and method of delivery of works

– Artists and applicant groups can send their desired works in pdf file format to the e-mail address from the date of publication of this call until August 29, 1402, based on the conditions and goals mentioned in the “Conditions of Attendance” section.

It is obvious that after the deadline for sending the works, the works of the applicant artists will not be accepted by the secretariat of the city theater complex.

– The final names of the groups and works admitted to the theatrical event “Ham Al-Basari” will be announced by the public relations of the city theater complex after the review of the works selection council.

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