The captain of Iran is the leader in the latest ranking of the World Karate Federation

According to IRNA, with the beginning of the new year, the World Karate Federation announced the latest ranking in the world.

The latest ranking is published in the context that the Iranian national adult team was absent from the 2021 World Cup hosted by the UAE this year.

According to published statistics, the best position among Iranian karatekas belongs to Zabihullah Pourshib He is the captain of the men’s national team, which with 8437 points is in the first place of the ranking of weight minus 84 kg.

Sajjad Ganjzadeh, the golden karate of Iran, is in the second place in the weight category plus 84 kg in the Olympic Games with 5617 points. In the women’s section, Hamideh Abbasali is in the third place with 5482 points in the weight plus 68 kg.

According to the World Federation, the new ranking of athletes at the beginning of 2022 is as follows:


Individual kata

1- Sandro Sanchez from Spain with 10635 points
2- Hikaro Ono from Japan with 6945 points
3- Sakura Kokuma from America with 6945 points
14- Fatemeh Sadeghi from Iran with 2040 points
48- Negin Bagheri from Iran with 682 points
68- Mahsa Afsaneh with 525 points

Weight 50 kg
1- Sarab Ozcelik from Turkey with 9165 points
2- Sarah Hubrich from Germany with 5730 points
3- Miho Mihara from Japan with 5475 points
6- Sara Bahmanyar from Iran with 4320 points

Weight 55 kg
1- Angelika Terliga from Ukraine with 7792 points
2- Valeria Komizaki from Brazil with 5250 points
3- Anna Chernyshova from Russia with 4605 points
8- Khaksar freshness from Iran with 3705 points

Weight 61 kg
1- Joanna Perkovic from Serbia with 6315 points
2- Haya Juma from Canada with 6030 points
3- Marwa Kuban from Turkey with 5955 points
7- Rozita Alipour from Iran with 4695 points
19- Shima Al Saadi from Iran with 1755 points

Weight 68 kg
1- Irina Zartska from Azerbaijan with 8962 points
2- Ferial Abdul Aziz from Egypt with 7507 points
3- Silva Samraro from Italy with 6375 points
57- Mobina Heydari from Iran with 630 points

Weight 68+ kg
1- Sofia Broltsova from Kazakhstan with 7305 points
2- Hakamoglu from Turkey with 6660 points
3- Hamideh Abbasali from Iran with 5482 points
62- Leila Borjali from Iran with 450 points


Individual kata
1- Damien Quintero from Spain with 8700 points
2- Ali Sufo Aghlo from Turkey with 6555 points
3- Rio Kyuna from Japan with 6435 points
36- Abolfazl Shahrjerdi from Iran with 945 points

Weight – 60 kg

1- Samdan votes from Turkey with 7140 points
2- Angelo Cresenzo from Italy with 7072 points
3- Darkhan Asadilov from Kazakhstan with 6735 points
21- Majid Hassannia from Iran with 1605 points
49- Ali Moskini from Iran with 937 points

Weight 67 kg

1- Ali Al-Sawi from Egypt with 9015 points
2- Steven Dacasta from France with 8310 points
3- Burak Uygur from Turkey with 5475 points
36- Amir Mehdizadeh from Iran with 1147 points
41- Amir Reza Mirzaei with 1020 points
52- Seyed Ali Karimi from Iran with 817 points

Weight – 75 kg

1- Abdullah Abdul Aziz from Egypt with 7455 points
2- Luigi Bosa from Italy with 6120 points
3- Bahman Asgari from Iran with 5647 points
10- Ali Asghar Asiabari from Iran with 2790 points

Weight 84 kg

1- Zabihollah Pourshib from Iran with 8437 points
2- Ugur Aktash from Turkey with 7500 points
3- Ivan Kosic from Croatia with 5025 points
26- Mehdi Khodabakhshi from Iran with 1500 points
31- Mehdi Ghararizadeh from Iran with 1230 points

Weight +84 kg

1- Gogita Arkania from Georgia with 9682 points
2- Sajjad Ganjzadeh from Iran with 5617 points
3- Jonathan Horne from Germany with 5430 points
6- Saleh Abazari from Iran with 3810 points
98- Saman Heydari from Iran with 240 points


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