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The ceiling of Qarz al-Hasna facilities was 100 million Tomans

According to the financial monetary news, quoting the public relations of Gharz al-Hasna Bank of Iran, according to the resolution of the 1318th meeting of the Monetary and Credit Council on increasing the amount of Gharz al-Hasna facilities, the ceiling of these facilities in Bank Mehr Iran has been increased. .
Payment of facilities for the nominees for the employment of veterans, as well as the purchase of branches, development of home business and job opening and matters related to rural micro-businesses up to 100 million Tomans will be done from the bank’s resources.
Payment of concessions to natural persons who complete the self-declaration form with themes such as using the Qarz al-Hasna privilege in home business development, creating employment or helping to maintain employment in order to provide raw materials and business tools and equip their own workshop. The ceiling of 100 million Tomans is done from the bank’s resources.
It is worth mentioning that the mentioned amounts are related to employment creation facilities and the ceiling of facilities outside this case has increased from 30 million Tomans to 50 million Tomans.
Mehr Bank branches will pay the mentioned facilities in compliance with the credit hygiene and current rules.

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