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Definitive reproduction of Zamophilia Green Positive Pharmacy Magazine

Various plants can be used as an apartment plant, one of the most popular being Zamophilia. This beautiful plant that has leaves that can grow at least 30 cm can survive in environments with different light. In general, to maintain any type of plant, you must have special information; For example, how definitively Zamophilia reproduces is important, or how much soil, fertilizer, or moisture it needs to grow to grow normally.

How Maintenance From Plant Zamophilia It is very effective in its rapid growth, but in this article we are going to focus only on how this plant is propagated, which is usually done by several methods of dividing the root or cuttings of the stem or leaf. Now, if you are interested in plant propagation, follow our article today, which is about definitive reproduction of Zamophilia.

Definitive propagation methods of Zamifolia

As mentioned in the introduction to this article, plants such as Zamophilia can be propagated in several ways, which we will discuss briefly and of course in the following:

  • Propagation by root division

First we have to say that the root of Zamifolia plant is very similar to onion. In fact, the appearance of Zamophilia root is prominent or raised. Now, in order to be able to definitively reproduce Zamophilia from this method, you must follow the following steps:

  • First of all, you should keep in mind that you should not water the plant at all for at least 14 days before propagating. In fact, the plant should not be irrigated.
  • If you are sure of the first step, remove the plant from the pot with full care.
  • Separate the stem glands of the plant. In fact, these glands should be removed from the stem or root of Zamophilia.
  • After removing the required glands, thread the roots slowly and without damaging them. Get to work with whatever tools you think make things easier. It may be appropriate to use a razor.
  • It goes without saying that if the plant’s roots are damaged during work, you should leave it in the shade (outdoors) for at least 24 hours to be repaired.
  • Now prepare the pot to the desired size and plant each of the zamifolia plants in the pot. We recommend that the pots have good soil and even good drainage.
  • Now let the new zamifolia plants start growing in the new pots.
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It should be noted that this method is one of the definitive propagation methods of Zamophilia, which is completed very quickly. Therefore, if you want to grow this plant in a short period of time, it is better to use the division method.

  • Propagated by stem cuttings

Another method is to propagate the zamifolia plant when the plant is pruned. The procedure is as follows:

  • Cut the stems of this plant and do it at least 6 inches long. Then make a tall glass.
  • Pour water into a glass and put the separated stem in it. Note that you have to change the glass of water for up to 7 days. (It is best to do this every 3 days).
  • Wait for the roots of the plant (the part in the water) to start growing. As soon as the roots are at least 1 inch long. Carefully place it in a pot. (Do not forget about suitable soil and drainage).
  • In this method, from the definitive propagation of Zamophilia, the initial growth of the roots takes at least 21 days.

Of course, in this method, you can also put the cuttings of Zamifolia plant directly in the soil (without water) to start growing. However, we recommend that you follow these steps.

  • Propagation by leaf cuttings

The third method of propagation of Zamifolia plant is as follows:

  • Remove the stem from the plant and then do the same with the leaves. Wait a few hours for the plant to rest. (It is better to put in the shade)
  • Now you need a few trays full of dirt. Then place the zamophilia leaves in the lowest part of the soil. The spacing of the leaves should be appropriate.
  • After doing this, water. Then cover the tray with a plastic wrap and then place them in a warm place (such as a window sill).
  • In the final stage of definitive propagation of Zamophilia by leaf cuttings, wait until the leaves turn yellow so that the stem glands begin to grow on the other side.
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It should be noted that whenever the leaves of this plant fall, you can use them as a method of leaf cuttings for the regrowth of Zamophilia.Goldon Cafe

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Now that we have taught you the definitive propagation of Zamophilia in this article, you can easily consider this lovely plant for your apartment. However, if you think that performing Zamifolia reproduction steps is painful for you or you are not able to do so for any other reason, you can easily Buy Plant Zamophilia And other attractive plants from the store the cafe vase Take action.

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