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According to Tejarat News, the Youth Population Law is one of the plans that the 13th government has followed since its inception and has also considered incentive plans for its realization.

A part of these incentive plans includes free land and housing that the government has pledged to donate to households under certain conditions. But which households are included Free land assignment They become and State land transfer conditions What is it to the people?

Allocating land to families with 3 children

The government has decided, in line with the law on the youth of the population, to families with three or more children whose third child was born on 24 Aban 1400 onwards, free land hand over

Applicants can visit the site Register for this project. It should be noted that the green form of “C” is not one of the conditions for granting this facility.

Of course, there is another condition for applicants to receive these lands. The fertility rate of the city where the father or child was born should not have a statistic higher than 2.5.

Giving free land to the fourth child

It was a few months ago that the government mandated the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development to allocate a piece of land or a residential unit for free to families with four or more children in order to support the family and realize the youth of the population in 1402. These households were supposed to have children under 20 years of age, but after a short period of time, the government reduced its statistical population.

In Article 10 of the two-urgent amendment bill of the budget law, the government has requested that the phrase “having four or more children under the age of 20” be amended to the phrase “having quadruplets or more children born in 1400 and later”.

Applicants of this plan, like families with a third child, must refer to the comprehensive system of housing support plans at to register.

Free land on Abu Musa Island

Of course Giving free land to people It is not done only in the form of the population youth plan and the government has made promises in this regard in other plans.

The government has decided to give 300-meter plots of land to those who intend to live permanently on Abu Musi Island in the form of the National Housing Movement Plan, and in this regard, it removed form “C” for this group of applicants.

Arslan Maliki, Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development, in an interview with Tasnim, referring to the government’s plan to hand over land to applicants in the form of the National Housing Movement Plan, said: If the applicants want to live on the islands of Abu Musi and Hormuz, the applicants of the movement plan National Housing, the land will be handed over.

Based on Maliki’s talk about donating land, it seems that over time other islands in the southern part of the country have entered the plan and people can choose other areas such as Hormuz Island to receive land.

How to register to receive land in Abu Musa?

The announcements show that all eligible Iranian citizens who are heads of households can apply for Land acquisition in Abu Musa Island take action To register in this plan, applicants should refer to the comprehensive system of housing support plans at 42 hectares of land in Abu Musi Island are considered for handing over to the citizens and each applicant is supposed to be allocated a land of 300 square meters.

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