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The condolences of cinema directors for the death of Mehrjooi, the soul of Iranian cinema was wounded

According to the film reporter of Fars News Agency, Dariush Mehrjooi is an artist who has left many works in the history of Iranian art, created many characters in cinema and made lasting films, Mehrjooi has even been active in the field of novel writing until the showcase. Complete production.

Various movie directors have expressed their condolences on his death.

Condolence message of the Minister of Culture following the death of Professor Mehrjooi / The Ministry of Culture will follow this tragic incident seriously

The news of the unfortunate loss of the great artist of Iranian cinema, Master Dariush Mehrjooi and his wife caused a deep impression. Undoubtedly, Mehrjoui was one of the pioneers of Iranian cinema who produced lasting works during his 6 decades of activity.

This bitter and painful incident will be followed up by the relevant institutions until its dimensions are clarified, and the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance will demand and follow it seriously. I offer my condolences for the loss of dear Mehrjoui and his dear wife to the survivors, the artistic community of the country and the cinema family, and all those who are interested in them, and I pray for God’s mercy and grace for them.

The message of the head of the cinema organization

The head of the cinema organization released a message of condolence following the unfortunate loss of Dariush Mehrjooi and his wife Vahida Mohammadifar. The text of Mohammad Khazaei’s message is as follows:

we are for God and we return to him

The loss of the famous cinematographer of Iranian cinema, Master Dariush Mehrjooi and his honorable wife, pained the hearts of noble Iranian cinematographers and fans of this author and eminent cinematographer. Professor Mehrjooi, who was one of the founders of the new wave of Iranian cinema and a thinker and concerned cinematographer, always took steps in the path of growth and excellence of Iranian cinema and presented lasting and trend-setting works to the field of culture and art of this border and region.

The loss of one of the most prestigious and prominent Iranian cinematographers cannot be forgotten, just as the void of this great artist cannot be filled. While offering my condolences to the survivors of this painful incident and my condolences to all the cinematographers and fans of this great artist, I assure you that the cinematographic organization of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance will use all its capacities to follow up on this incident and identify and punish the perpetrator or perpetrators of this unforgivable crime. And he will not hesitate a bit until the result is reached and all aspects of the story are clarified.

Mohammad Khazai

Head of the country’s cinema organization

Payam, the director of the Sore/Ruh Cinema Organization of Iran, was injured

The text of this condolence message is as follows:

“The news of the sudden death of Dariush Mehrjooi, a veteran director and author, has made the taste of the Iranian cinema family bitter and wounded the soul of the cinema. A family that has inherited a part of its identity and reputation in all the past years from preserving the legacy of its elders.

Different generations of Iranian cinematographers owe their love and interest to the seventh art to the efforts of a generation of which Dariush Mehrjoui was one of the leaders. A director whose memories are now remembered in the memory of Iranian cinema and has gone to his eternal home.

I wish forgiveness and peace for this precious cinema director and his wife, and I offer my condolences to all lovers of Iranian cinema for this bitter loss.”

Message from the CEO of Farabi Cinema Foundation

In the text of the condolence message of Majid Zain al-Abidin, CEO of the Farabi Cinema Foundation, it is stated:

“We all return to him

The loss of the prominent director and outstanding artist of Iranian cinema, the late master Dariush Mehrjooi and his wife, caused a deep feeling. I offer my condolences to the honorable society of Iranian cinema and to all the fans of the late Mehrjooi’s groundbreaking cinema for this tragic loss.

The works of this knowledgeable and creative cinematographer have been remembered in more than six decades of artistic activity.

I ask the merciful Lord for forgiveness and mercy for his eternal life and his late wife, and patience for his beloved children.

Majid Zain al-Abidin
CEO of Farabi Cinema Foundation

end of message/

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