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The credibility of volleyball was called into question/we must think of a suitable solution – Mehr news agency Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr News Agency, citing the Volleyball Federation, the second meeting of the technical committee of the Volleyball Federation in 1402 to review the performance of the Iranian men’s national team began at 2 p.m. today (Wednesday, 26 Mehr), under the chairmanship of Mohammad Reza Davarzani.

Vahid Moradi, Mohsen Torabi, Milad Taqavi, Jamshid Hamidi, Naser Mirfakharai, Manouchehr Pourhasan, Ali Moezen, Mostafa Karkhana, Mahmoud Afshardost, Mohammad Reza Tendarvan, Jahangir Seyed Abbasi, Amir Hosseini, Arash Sadeghiani, Gholamreza Momeni Moghadam, Farhad Nazarifshar, Ali Shakri, Alireza Nadi. , Adel Gholami, Issa Sangdwini, Peyman Akbari, Amir Hossein Mangeri and Amir Tolokian were among the other participants in this meeting.

At the beginning of the technical committee meeting, while expressing his sympathy with the people of Gaza who witnessed a great crime last night, Mohammadreza Davarzani said: The Palestinian people witnessed the crimes of the Zionist regime for 75 years, but this occupying regime whitewashed the crimes last night and bombed many women in the hospital. And the kid killed and injured thousands of people. The Zionist regime marked the peak of cruelty and the worst among all are those who remained silent. I take this opportunity to sympathize with the families of the martyrs and the oppressed people of Gaza.

The head of the volleyball federation emphasized that we must find a solution to return volleyball to its peak, and stated: Before the 2021 Olympics, we had to prepare for the Olympics and we had time to prepare the team to participate in the Olympics, in the committee meeting. Feni was finally voted to contract with Alceno and with Tutolo they took the team to the Tokyo Olympics. At the same time, it was discussed to appoint another head coach for the Asian championship to prepare the team for this Asian tournament.

The referee stated that the Iranian national volleyball team performed weaker in the Tokyo Olympics than the Rio Olympics and did not meet the expectations, and continued: At that time, the public atmosphere was to give an opportunity to the Iranian coach to use the Iranian staff in the Asian Championship. show yourself Although maintaining the Olympic quota was an honor for the country, we did not perform better than in the past. We used 5 players from the previous national team and the rest from other players, and finally the Iranian team won the Asian gold medal in Japan.

Referring to Behrouz Atai’s head coach from 2021 to 2023, he said: We gave Behrouz Atai and the Iranian staff an opportunity for about two years to lead the team in the upcoming tournaments by using their capacities so that the path of Iranian volleyball success continues. All the experts admitted that the present team did not enjoy the game enough and there was not enough cohesion.

The head of the volleyball federation stated that if we came to the conclusion that the team does not have cohesion, at least the atmosphere should be developed in such a way that people are satisfied with the players’ performance, but we saw that the team was not cheerful in the matches, and said: why is there no such cheerfulness and where is the problem? to fix it? Let’s look realistically at what happened in the national team that people’s expectations are not met? Volleyball has gained credibility among the people and we must maintain this. The federation and the volleyball family did everything possible for the success of the national team. We are here now, from the selection of players to the way of training and preparatory camps, whatever you think, you should raise in this meeting so that we can cure this problem. We are not going to judge anyone and we should try to examine the issue from different angles and think of a solution.

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