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Unveiling of the comprehensive report on Iran’s digital currency space at the Defiday event; Countdown to November 5

On Friday, November 5th, during the second round of the “Defiday” event, the “Erzdigital” group will unveil the “Comprehensive Report of Iran’s Digital Currency Space” for the year 1402. This report is dedicated to describing the latest state of digital currencies in Iran and the world, focusing on Iranian users and businesses.

Since 2016 and with the fever of buying and selling digital currencies in Iran, there have been many developments in this space. The population of Iranian digital currency users has grown at an extraordinary speed over the past years. During this 6-year period, the number of businesses, the quality and variety of service provision among Iranian platforms has made a unique progress, to the point that today, in many sectors, domestic platforms are not far from popular international examples.

The process of legislation in this area and the entry of governing bodies has become faster and more serious than before, and it can be said that the scenario of removing digital currencies or banning this space has been left out of the options on the table of legislative bodies forever.

The ecosystem of digital assets and blockchain in Iran today has a completely different picture from the early years of this technology’s entry into the country, and drawing a comprehensive picture of this field requires professional, detailed and extensive investigations.

Aruzdigital, as the most popular media group active in the field of digital currencies in the country, which has always tried to educate, facilitate users’ access to information and cover the events of this field without delay, intends to publish a comprehensive report on the history of digital currencies in Iran, as well as the current state of this To depict the atmosphere in the country.

The content of the comprehensive report on the space of digital currencies in Iran 1402

Unveiling of the comprehensive report on Iran's digital currency space at the Defiday event; Countdown to November 5 2

The comprehensive report on Iran’s digital currency space is an effort to share the latest statistics and information related to the country’s digital currency space; So that it can be used by the user community, businesses active in this sector, as well as people interested in starting new businesses related to this technology.

The chapters of this report include 1. Community of users, 2. businesses, 3. Governance and legislation And 4. cross border Is. The user community section is dedicated to providing the latest statistics on the population of people involved in the digital currency space in Iran, the form of activity, concerns and demands of people active in this field, which have been collected by a direct survey of users.

The business chapter depicts the progress of domestic collections active in this field in recent years, the potentials, weaknesses and strengths of Iranian businesses. This section contains first-class and exclusive statistics that provide an accurate picture of the latest status of Iranian businesses operating in the country.

The governance and legislation section is an overview of the beginning of the legislation of digital currencies in Iran from the beginning to today, statistics of the volume of fraud cases related to digital currencies are presented in it, and it depicts the views of users regarding the legislation of this field in Iran and the world.

In addition to pointing out the concern of Iranian users in using foreign platforms, the cross-border chapter contains the latest statistics related to the growth of this space in international dimensions, the acceptance of digital assets by the people of different countries, the investments made in the world and specifically in the Middle East, and the latest legal status of digital currencies in Every country is

The unveiling of the comprehensive report of Iran's digital currencies at the Defiday event; Countdown to November 5

The unveiling of the comprehensive report on Iran’s digital currencies space will take place at the same time as the second round of DeFi, Blockchain and Iran’s digital currencies specialized event, i.e. DiFiday. Erzdigital, as one of the main sponsors of this event, will also make the electronic version of the report publicly available to all users at the same time as the report is unveiled for the Defired audience.

The deferred event will be held in person and online on November 5. Those interested can buy tickets to watch the event online this address Visit.

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