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According to Tejarat News, the real estate market started in 1402 when it experienced many inflammations and went through a sharp upward slope. For this reason, the government decided to choose the shortest possible way to control this situation and brought the real estate market into one of the heaviest recessions in recent years.

After some time and in the absence of the publication of statistics related to this field, some officials announced that housing prices have dropped by 15 to 20 percent in two to three months; The decrease, which some experts believe has occurred as a result of the same recession that plagued the housing market since the beginning of 1402, and therefore it cannot be considered an achievement for the implemented policies. But to what extent has this price reduction been able to help the players of the housing market?

The impact of property price reduction on the housing market

As mentioned, the first question that arises after the claim of price reduction is whether it will be available for people to buy a house now or not? The general graph of housing prices in the last few decades has been on an upward path, to the extent that in the last 12 years, it has experienced a price increase of more than two thousand percent; Therefore, the price reduction that happened cannot affect people’s purchasing power much.

On the other hand, some experts believe that now the statistical community is too low to estimate the average number of traded houses, and as a result, the claim of optimizing the housing market due to price reduction cannot be considered very valid.

In the past years, buyers were looking for apartments with a smaller size, and a loan could help to some extent, but since these apartments are often old and now it is not even possible to buy a room in Tehran using a housing loan. People have returned to older houses, which still do not make a difference in price because of the high square footage; In general, we can say that with the current inflation, the housing market is no longer responsive to the needs of the applicants, and this price reduction has not been able to heal the wounds of the people to provide minimal shelter!

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