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The decrease of 20 thousand and 420 units of the Tehran Stock Exchange/Saham Yar index was extended until the end of the week

According to the report of the economy reporter of Fars news agency, Tehran Stock Exchange Today, it was in a declining trend, so that the total index reached 1 million 392 thousand 152 units with a decrease of 20 thousand 421 units at the end of trading.

Today was also the last day to buy shares or warrants, more than 250,000 people bought these bonds, but with the decision of the stock exchange organization, the purchase of these bonds has been extended for the time being.

The market value in the Tehran Stock Exchange reached more than 5 million and 156 thousand billion Tomans. Today, traders traded more than 7.5 billion shares, preemptive rights and financial bonds in the form of 333 thousand transaction items worth 4615 billion tomans.

All the indices of the stock market turned red today in such a way that the total index and the price index decreased by 1.4 percent with the weighted-value criterion, but these two indices decreased by 87 percent with the equal weight criterion. Free floating index decreased by 1.5%.

The index of the first market of the stock exchange fell by 1.8 percent and the index of the second market of the stock exchange decreased by 94 percent.

Today, the symbols of Mobarakeh Steel, National Copper, Bandar Abbas Oil Refinery, Tehran Oil Refinery, Isfahan Oil Refinery, Pardis Petrochemical and Social Security Investment Shastahave had the greatest decreasing effect on the Tehran Stock Exchange index.

At OTC Today, the total index of the institution is decreasing in Iran, so that at the end of the trading, it reached the figure of 118 thousand and 345 units with a decrease of 133 units. First and second market value OTC Iran became 999 thousand billion tomans.

Base market value OTC It reached 327 thousand billion tomans. Traders today more than 2.7 billion shares, right of first refusal and papers 186,000 financial items were traded with a value of 6954 billion tomans.

Today, the value of stock exchange transactions and OTCIt has become more than 11,600 billion tomans. In the past years, the value of stock exchange transactions is usually more than OTC was, but this year on most days the value of transactions OTC It has also increased from the stock market.

Also symbols of Lavan Oil Refinery, Shiraz Oil Refinery, Zagros Petrochemical, Iranian Ghadir Steel, Mino Sanati, Tandgovian Petrochemical and Poya. Zarkan AhValley has the greatest reduction effect on the index OTC had the

According to Fars report, the government is trying to support the insuring of real people’s stock portfolios of less than 100 million tomans with a package of 10 clauses as well as subordinated sales warrants, but at the same time news from next year’s budget bill that next year The price of energy carriers does not increase, which has caused the stocks of refineries and petrochemicals to decline today.

Anyway, investing in the stock market is accompanied by risk and volatility, and before buying and selling, you should study, research and consult with experts and trusted people.

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