The definitive repeated story of Ab Bojnoord with the beginning of rains + movie

According to the report of Ekhtaz Online, citing Tasnim, the entry of a large amount of mud into the reservoir of Shirin Dareh Dam, which is the most important source of drinking water in Bojnord, has caused a cutoff and drop in water pressure in the center of North Khorasan province since Saturday morning.

Seyed Aqeel Mortazavi, CEO of North Khorasan Water Company, said in an interview with Tasnim: All dams in the country are affected by weather conditions and these conditions can have a direct impact on their quality.

He added: The influx of large amounts of flood and mud into the reservoir of Shirin Dareh dam and the sharp drop in the water level in the last three years of drought has caused the water quality of this dam to decrease and this factor has made it impossible to use and transfer water to Bojnoord.

Mortazavi stated: We have to wait until the level of mud in the reservoir of the dam goes down so that we can use the water of the dam in the treatment plant and then in the city of Bojnord.

The reason for the drop in water pressure of Bojnord city subscribers

Reza Naimi, CEO of North Khorasan Province Water and Sewerage Company, also said: The drop in water pressure of the subscribers of Bojnord city is caused by the entry of flood mud and mud into the “Shirindare” dam as the main source of water supply in Bojnord city, and this problem will be solved in the coming days. will be.

The Managing Director of North Khorasan Province Water and Sewerage Company continued in this regard: the 50% reduction in the water intake of the Shirin Dareh dam in the current water year caused the water from this dam to be diverted from the drinking water circuit due to the influx of mud caused by the floods of the past few days. The city of Bojnord will be removed and we will experience a severe drop of water in some areas.

He added: In the current situation, the daily water of the citizens of Bojnorudi is being supplied from nearby wells, which has caused a drop in water pressure in some places, and by solving the problem of the dam, efforts are being made to once again supply drinking water from the “Shirin Dareh” dam for the consumption of the people of the center of the province. be placed in orbit.

Pointing to the increase in water consumption by subscribers in Bojnord city, Naimi said: Citizens are requested to put saving water consumption on their agenda in order to prevent interruptions or reduce pressure, so that we do not witness a complete water cut in Bojnord areas. .

According to Tasnim, drinking water has been cut off in many areas of Bojnord since Saturday morning, and this issue has caused many problems for the citizens of the center of North Khorasan province.

The administrators of ABFA and Bojnord Governorate say that the water supply problem will be solved within the next 48 hours. This issue has occurred in recent years with heavy rains in Bojnourd’s drinking water supply and is unprecedented.

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