The development of radiation systems is one of the priorities of the Atomic Energy Organization

According to Fars News Agency’s Foreign Policy Group, quoting the General Directorate of Public Diplomacy and Information of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, “Seyed Pejman Shirmardi” Deputy Chairman and CEO of the Beam Application Development Company regarding the development of the organization’s activities in the field of beam application and its impact on people’s lives Which is based on justice, pointed to our country’s land management plan and said: In this plan, we collected information and data related to agricultural products of 31 provinces of the country from the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture and with the data available in the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development Which is extracted from the document of the logistics centers of the country, we combined. As a result, we reached relations based on which we were able to introduce 11 regions of the country for the development of radiation systems. Of course, if we consider the islands of the Persian Gulf as a separate region, it becomes 12 regions.
He added: the production of agricultural products, the existence of logistics centers in the province and the cultivation of strategic products such as dates, pistachios and saffron will be the basis for prioritizing the 11 regions of this document.
Referring to the data mining of Azerbaijan region, which is one of the 11 regions of Amayesh, Shirmardi said: “This region was recognized as one of the regions worthy of developing the use of radiation or radiation systems due to its special conditions and high score.” Of course, we can have a system in different cities of this province. Whether we have a fixed or portable system in any city depends on the capacity and logistical position of that city.
Regarding the capacity of portable systems, he said: “There is a capacity to install one of these machines in every factory for packaging agricultural products, such as beans.” We have no limits in this area and we can expand. In the case of fixed systems, our priority is definitely to expand the Bonab Center. Because we have enough facilities and manpower in this center and it also has good laboratory equipment. Therefore, the current perspective is the development of this center.
Regarding investment in this field, Shirmardi said: “There are examples of portable systems in Azarshahr.” There are also requests from nearby cities such as Bostan Abad that we will process all requests as soon as possible.
Regarding the development of Bonab center, he said: “Since last year, we had a plan for a radiation town in this complex, but for various reasons, including the problem of land ownership, the project remained silent.” The cooperation of the governorate can be a great help to the comprehensive expansion of this center. As reported, the construction of the first portable system began last week in the presence of Mr. Eslami, Vice President and Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran. Certainly a large number of these systems will be produced.
Regarding the services that Bonab Center provides to the citizens, the Deputy Minister of Radiation Application Development of the organization said: “Among the services that we can provide to the people in the field of radiation application are food irradiation, food powders, herbal medicines and similar items that are used It is made from 60 cobalt springs. Also, if we want to sterilize medical equipment in this center through radiation, this capacity is available on site. Next to the large cobalt spring of this complex, we can install gamma portable systems, irradiate beans, potatoes, onions and garlic.
He added: “These cases are good capacities and considering that the region is fertile, it is possible to turn the region into a raisin exporting hub by irradiating raisins in order to reduce the microbial load.”

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