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The director who did not wear the “new” clothes of historical characters/The story of the forgotten ones – Mehr news agency | Iran and world’s news

Masoud Farutan, writer, presenter, actor and director of cinema, television and radio, in a conversation with Mehr reporter about the TV series “Fire and Wind” directed by Mojtaba Ra’i, which is broadcast these nights on Channel 3, said: “Fire and Wind” series It is well made, has a good story and the actors are chosen correctly and even the clothes of the actors and characters are sewn in such a way that the viewer does not feel that the clothes are new.

He added: In many similar historical works, there is a feeling that the clothes were taken from the tailor and put on the actors. But in Fire and Wind, the clothes of the actors are designed and sewn as if the actors have lived with those clothes since ancient times and it belonged to them for years. The atmospheres are also well formed and most of the elements of the scene are arranged and located in their proper place.

The TV director of long-lasting teletheaters such as “Star Khan” said about playing the key role of “Bahader” series: I consider Mr. Mahjoub still at the peak of acting; He has appeared unique in this role, where perhaps all this courage and bravery does not suit his physical stature. An actor with penetrating eyes, bold and powerful in his role, stands against any attack. But the voice that is considered for such grandeur in this actor is a low voice and does not have the necessary power that is specific to such a character. For example, when he speaks to a group of dozens of people, the tone of his voice is as if he is speaking for one person, and the voice is for close up (view package) taken not for long shot (view open).

He added: Sometimes this voice is so low that I, the viewer, doubt whether it is heard correctly by the opposite actor, and I myself, as a viewer, sometimes do not understand words. This issue is more related to sound recording or montage, or whether the actor should have been reminded in the scene that in long shot I see raise the tone a little; Because Hossein Mahjoub is a capable actor who has appeared admirably in many of his roles.

The author of works such as “In the alley behind the alleys of childhood” and “The box”, referring to the text and content of the collection, reminded: the story of fire and wind is a story that has been left unsaid and unheard. The stories of people who have worked and struggled a lot, but their performance has been given more by leaders, khans and warriors.

He explained by referring to the authors who have written books in this field: Mansour Brahimi and Abdul Rasool Gulben Writers who have correctly started the story of people who seem to be ordinary people and so far nothing has been said about them. People who were not warriors and heroes and were not famous, and they remained in books for centuries among minds. The story of constitutionalism has become more famous with titles such as Sattar Khan and Baqer Khan, while many people of that time played a role in achieving constitutionalism, and in addition to the people of Tabriz, the people of other cities and regions also played an influential role in this. In addition to the correct text, Mojtaba Ra’i in “Fire and Wind” is the one who was able to portray these untold stories well.

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