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The doctor who became the father of leprosy patients / living in a “black house” sanatorium – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr correspondent, the documentary series “Chunan Sarv” is a new production of the Sima Documentary Network, produced by Mostafa Razzaq Karimi is a prominent contemporary Iranian figure. So far, documentaries from this series about Mohammad Ali Eslami Nodooshan, the Queen of Spring Poets, and 7 have been aired.

The latest part of this documentary, which will be broadcast tonight, Sunday, June 6, at 9 pm, is “In the Name of the Father” co-directed by Ghorban Ali طاهرفر And Farzin is Reyhani Rad.

قربانعلی طاهرفر About this part of the series, he told the Mehr reporter: “The documentary” In the Name of the Father “is the narration of the wise life of Dr. Seyed Mohammad Hossein Mobin. He is known as one of the most prominent dermatologists in Tabriz and is known as the father of leprosy patients in Iran. Of course, in this documentary, we do not pay much attention to the life of Dr. Mobin, but the main focus is the story of an Iranian-style physician who has never strayed from his mission. In other words, it is a reminder of the lost that we do not see in the medical world today.

He continued: “The documentary” In the Name of the Father “is an excuse to remind doctors of their mission, and perhaps some of them today Mission Forget their importance. This film may be for today’s medical community, which has created an unwanted historical oblivion and distances itself from patients and even from the people around them.

طاهرفر He reminded: Dr. Mobin could have had the best life and lived a prosperous life, but in all the moments of his life, he only thought about his medical mission. In my opinion, Dr. Mobin’s life is a very good model for the medical community, and we should consider him close to the prominent doctors of our country, such as Dr. Gharib.

This director refers to an important part of Dr. Mobin’s activity that leads to the eradication of the disease Leprosy In Iran, he said: Dr. Mobin, in an important decision of his life, went to Baba Baghi Sanatorium in Tabriz, which was the gathering place of Iranian lepers, and he stayed there for many years. Many people know Baba Baghi Sanatorium with the film “The House is Black” by Forough Farrokhzad, and this film does not provide a very clear picture of it and the services of Dr. Mobin.

He added: This Tabrizi doctor, after returning from Canada, dedicates himself to the leprosy patients of this sanatorium and shows such love and affection to them that according to him, the patients call him “father”. That is why he has been called the father of leprosy patients.

Referring to another feature of this Tabrizi physician, this documentary filmmaker said: Another noteworthy point that can be seen in Dr. Mobin’s life is his interest in poetry. He has a poetic talent and in this documentary we have portrayed this part of his life as well.

The director of the documentary “In the Name of the Father” said about the narration of this documentary: “Because Dr. Mobin is a contemporary figure, we had many pictures of him and there was a relatively good archive about his life, services and activities.” However, part of his life was so vague that we went to the doctor and his surviving relatives to narrate those parts. In this documentary, Dr. Mobin’s family, friends and relatives are in front of the camera.

In the end, he said: the shooting of this documentary took nearly a month and the final work is ready to be shown in 40 minutes. “In the Name of the Father” is co-directed by Bandeh and Mr. Farzin Reyhanirad.

Other factors of production of this documentary are: Producer: Mustafa Razzaq Karimi, author and narrator: میر Milad Mehdizadeh, Director of Photography: Farshid Ayubinejad, Production Manager: Pouria KhazraeiEdited by Mohammad Reza چرختابSound Recordist: Vahid Seifi, Graphic Designer: Jila Al Rashad and Sound and mixBehrooz Shiri.

Based on This report, the documentary “In the Name of the Father” will be broadcast tonight, Sunday, June 6, at 9 pm on the Sima Documentary Network.

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