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The dolls’ party has come to an end

According to the theater correspondent of Fars news agency, the closing ceremony of the 19th edition of Tehran Mubarak Puppet Theater Festival was held in the main hall of Shahr Theater with the presence of puppet theater artists, the artistic deputy of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and the general director of performing arts.

At the beginning of the program, Mohammad Selouki, who was in charge of its performance, while welcoming the audience, invited Marzieh Broumand, Maryam Saadat and Bahram Shahmohammadlou to present the awards.

* Outdoor favorites

Best music:

In this section, a cash prize and a certificate of appreciation were given to Hamed Torabi and Sobhan Torabi for showing Yeh Tar Sabil.

Mohammad Naderi was nominated as the winner of this section for the play Zadeh Kaos Falak ist Isfahan.

The best space design:

Razieh Pashaei and Hamed Torabi were honored for the show Ye Tar Mustache, Ali Ghazi for the show Hel Hel Kose, and Leila Bigond for the show Shikarchi.

There was no selected festival in this section.

Best Voiceover:

Hossein Rabiei was commended for his adventurous marriage show.

Best acting:

The group of puppeteers of Hele Hele Kose show were honored in this section.

The puppeteer group of the Shiloh show was selected for the Shiloh doll in this section.

The best doll design and construction:

Atefeh Naqvi for the show “Zadeh Qos Falak ist Isfahan”, Faramarz Gholamian for the show “Shilo” and Razieh Pashaei for the show “Yeh Tar Sabil” were awarded with a certificate of appreciation and a cash prize.

The special award of this section was given to the young actress Aida Kianitabar for the show Shiloh.

The best text, design, executive idea:

Amir Mohammad Essafi was honored with a plaque and a cash prize for the show The Story of My Herd.

In this section, Gholamian border was recognized as the chosen one for Shiloh.

Best Director:

Faramarz Gholamian was commended for Shiloh show.

Atefeh Naqvi was nominated as the winner of this section for the show Zadeh Qos Falak Is Isfahan.

Best Show:

The Shilo show directed by Faramarz Gholamian was recognized as the best outdoor show.

Secretary’s Award:

Commendation plaque and cash prize of this department were given to Hamed Zarean for showing giant robots.

Appreciation of the master of puppet show

In the continuation of the program, professor Hassan Dadshekar, a veteran puppet theater artist, was honored by Mahmoud Salari, Deputy Minister of Education, Kazem Nazari, Director General of Performing Arts, Hadi Hejazifar, and Homa Jadikar.

* Ownership: The festival belongs to the artists

In addition, Mahmoud Salari, the deputy of artistic affairs of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, while thanking all the organizers of this event, said: “The festival is for you artists, and we must turn the wheels and make the roads smooth so that you can achieve what you want.”

He also added: “I would like to thank all the dear ones who helped to hold the 19th International Festival of Tehran-Mubarak Puppet Show in this part of the world.”

* A story of Hijazifar’s experiences that helped the festival

Then it was the turn of the secretary of the 19th Festival of Tehran-Mubarak Puppet Show to come on stage to say his words.

Hadi Hejazifar thanked the companies accompanying the festival and the directors of the Ministry and the Performing Arts Association, saying: “I am also grateful to the sponsors who gave us the opportunity to talk about puppets and theater and supported us; “I think it’s the first time in a drama festival that at least half of the expenses were financed by private companies, and I hope this trend will continue for the next works.”

He added: “I would like to thank the Vice-Chancellor of Art and the General Directorate of Performing Arts of Irshad. I used to say any problem out loud, but everything was really good. Every day, I thought that the work would be ruined, but the support of friends always helped to advance the goals.”

He continued: “I did my best to raise the demand level of the puppet theater community, we were more than satisfied and satisfied; I am happy that three days before the closing, all expenses were settled, the money was paid, we hosted two thousand people and we had forty people from the city and managers as guests in Tehran.”

Hijazi Far explained, pointing out that we only gave financial aid to two foreign groups: “The strangest thing I did was to provide a van for executive groups. “I remember the hard days when I was looking for a van to move my stuff after performing at the festival.”

He added: “I must say about the way of judging, the sections were judged by the directors of the same section, anyway, in each section, each director watched thirteen works and we became friends, thirty percent of the team members were hidden and semi-hidden judges, which were announced in the 95 candidates. We had a matching percentage, which means that the directors and the jury team had the same opinion and the directors acted fairly.

He further added: “We tried to be completely transparent; In three days, the secret and public arbitration coefficients will be available to anyone who wants. We live by working and don’t let this competitive atmosphere depress you, Rubika is set to show twenty selected shows of the festival on its platform for one year by paying a financial contribution to the groups. We have also promised to support public performances and it is set “Four works should be performed in the same city theater.”

“I swear I love you all and I was here with all my heart, if I’ve been wrong forgive us all,” he said. When the festival is over, it will be my last night as a secretary, but I will proudly accept executive ideas and I will be by your side as a consultant, assistant, and market manager; I thank you all.”

In the following, after the clip of the deceased in the puppet show arena, the six-year birthday party of Abtin Behbahani, the son of Bahram Behbahani, and the memory of Mehrnoosh Shariati, a young puppet show artist who died in 1400 due to corona disease, was held.

* Selected children and teenagers

The winners of the children and teenagers section were honored in the presence of Mahmoud Salari, Marzieh Broumand, Hassan Dadshekar, Adel Bezdode and Maqsood Naimi Zaker.

Best music:

A certificate of appreciation and a cash prize went to Fatemeh Mehrabi for the show Darkness.

A statue, honorary diploma and cash prize were awarded to Babak Niushadan for Little Black Fish as the winner of the section.

Stage design:

The appreciation of this section was given to Zahra Nazeri for Frog and Stranger.

Pouria Rahimi and Hossein Ghasemi Hanar were selected for 12 minutes of this section.

Best Voiceover:

The appreciation of this section was given to Hassan Falahzadeh for the show Chichehe Cheleche Chehel Gees.

Seyyed Mehrdad Kavousi Hosseini was recognized as the chosen third day of summer in this section.

Best acting:

Saeed Mousavi Razi was awarded a certificate of appreciation for his performance of Darkness.

Sajjad Makhdomi was chosen for the dog and wolf show of this section.

Designing and making dolls:

Nasim Shirzadi was honored for the show Chichehe Chalchele Chehlgis and Qasim Rahmati for the show Little Black Fish.

The selected award of this section was given to Old Saba for the show Darkness.

Special prize:

Reza Afshar received a special award for his performance in the show Little Prince.

Prasto Samavat was another artist who received a special award for the design of the poster and brochure of the little girl.

Best text:

Aminreza Malek Mahmoudi was commended for the play The Doll’s Shoe Girl.

Ghazaleh Ebadi was recognized for the selected dark play of this section.

Best Director:

The award for the best director went to Hossein Ghasemi Honar for the 12-minute show.

Hojjat Hashemi was recognized as the chosen director in this section for the show Little Black Fish.

Best Show:

Little Black Fish directed by Hojjat Hashemi and Darkness Show directed by Ghazaleh Ebadi were the best works of children and teenagers.

* Thanks to Hema Jadikar

After the announcement of the winners of this section, in the presence of Seyed Mohammad Ali Hashemi, Mahmoud Salari, Kazem Nazari, Hassan Dadshekar, Hadi Hejazifar and Marzieh Broumand, Homa Jadikar, the veteran actor and director of the puppet show, was honored.

A gift was also given to this artist by the Puppet Theater Association.

Homa Jedikar thanked all those present and said: “I hope to continue this mission until I teach you and you also teach others; To witness a prosperous Iran forever.”

He continued: “I am grateful to the directors of the country’s theater and the secretary of this artistic event. “I would like to request that the 20th Tehran-Mubarak International Puppet Festival be held under the direction of Hadi Hejazifar.”

* Allocation of two billion tomans to pay necessary loans to puppet shows

Following the words of Homa Jadikar, Hejazifar said: “I am grateful to the friends of the General Department of Performing Arts and the Performing Arts Association. If the festival budget was secured, we were supposed to consider 2 billion tomans from this budget for necessary works in the puppet show fund for the performers of this area.”

He added: “This budget for necessary loans will be awarded to the applicants with the signature of the head of the Puppet Show Association of Iran, the head of the Iranian Performing Arts Association and myself, and I hope we will see good things happen.”

At the end of this part of the closing ceremony of the 19th Tehran-Mubarak International Puppet Show Festival, Hijazi Far thanked all the members of the city theater group for their efforts.

* The winners of the adult section

In the continuation of the closing ceremony, Adel Bezdodeh, Mohammad Alami, Hassan Dadshekar, Bahram Shahmohammadlou, Marzieh Broumand and Maryam Saadat appeared on the stage to present the prizes of the adult section.

Best music:

Pejman Abdi and Mohammad Javad Karamati were commended for the performance of that moonlit night.

The winners of this section were Hamed Selaj Mahmoudi and Parsa Shamali for the show Maman.

Best stage design:

Zahra Sheikh Al-Hakmai was honored for her live show Beghor.

It was selected from Rudabe Kashani for the 280th show of the Night of the Year.

Best Voiceover:

Mehsa Rahsapar was honored for Mirza Mohammad’s show.

Maleeha Shabanian was honored for the show Maman.

Mohammad Bahrani was selected for the live show of Bagor and Amir Zaghri for the game show.

Best acting:

Mahnaz Khatibi was commended for the live show Bagor and the cast of Maman.

In this section, Mohammad Javad Mahdian and Qais Yasaghi were also chosen to show the triangle.

The best doll design and construction:

Roya Naseri was commended for Maman’s show and Youssef Etisamizadeh for Mirza Mohammad’s show.

Also, in this section, Zahra Aziminia was introduced as the chosen one for the game show.

Special prize:

Sara Rezaei was honored for the magical Macbeth show and the executive team of the 280th Night of the Year show.

Best text:

Sargol Islamian was commended for displaying a shirt named Jang.

Elham Selaj Mahmoudi was introduced for the selected mom show of this section.

Best Director:

Elham Selaj Mahmoudi for Mom and Sargol Islamian were honored for a shirt named Jang.

Qais Yasaki was selected for this section with his triangle show.

Best Show:

Mathleth directed by Qais Yasagi, Maman directed by Elham Selaj Mahmoudi and Perahni called Jang directed by Sargol Islamian were selected in this section.

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