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The doors of the museum must be opened to the people

According to Moj News Agency, the farewell and introduction ceremony of the director of Niavaran Cultural and Historical Complex was held in the presence of Ali Darabi, Deputy Minister and Deputy Minister of Heritage, Culture and a group of officials of this ministry in this cultural and historical complex.

While condoling the Fatimid era and the second anniversary of the martyrdom of Haj Qassem Soleimani, Darabi expressed his gratitude to the former director of the Cultural and Historical Complex and said: “It is very important to fulfill the slogan” Museums are open to the public ” To be prepared. Niavaran Palace should also be a pioneer in this field.

Referring to the historical position of Islamic Iran, he said: “What we are proud of today in cultural heritage is because of the ancient history of Iran.” Therefore, restoration, protection and preservation of this ancient heritage should be a priority. Based on the coordination with the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Research Institute, we will take steps to realize this issue.

The Deputy Minister of Cultural Heritage stated: The issue of Nowruz is of special importance to us. We are looking for a special Nowruz program ۱ 1401 to be held with passion and people to make the best use of this opportunity.

Continuing the ceremony, Mohammad Reza Kargar, Director General of Museums, referring to the importance of Niavaran Cultural and Historical Complex, said: “This cultural and historical complex has a lot of capital in terms of location, history and in terms of buildings and historical monuments in museums. Is. In addition, the experts and colleagues of this collection, through their efforts over the years, have created double capital for this collection.

Maryam Jalali, the new director of Niavaran Cultural and Historical Complex, praised Hassan Etemad, Deputy Minister and Deputy Minister of Cultural Heritage, for holding this position.

He continued: “Everything should be looked at in this collection.” This view causes convergence and synergy in the collection. In addition, experts, guides and restorers are part of this collection because they are a combination of knowledge, ability, experience and zeal.

In the end, Jalali said: “The only issue that has value and value in the field of culture is motivation.” If there is passion and motivation everywhere, it gives a different color and glaze to the activities.


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