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According to Mehr News Agency, at the end of the first five weight classes, Rahman Amouzad (65 kg), Ali Savadkoohi (79 kg) and Mohammad Hossein Mohammadian (97 kg) won gold medals, and Mohammad Mehdi Yeganeh Jafari (70 kg) came fifth.

The results of our country’s wrestlers are as follows:

Weighing 57 kg Reza Momeni, after a break in the first round in the second round against Zanabazar Zandanbod, the Asian silver medalist from Mongolia, lost 10-6, and due to the defeat of this wrestler against his Indian opponent, Momeni was eliminated from the competition.

Weighing 65 kg Rahman Amouzad won the first round 11-0 against Inayatullah of Pakistan. In the second round, he defeated world youth champion Kaiki Yamaguchi of Japan 9-0 and advanced to the semifinals. At this stage, he defeated Tsugbadrakh Tsivisoren from Mongolia with a result of 6: 0 and advanced to the final match. In the final match, the cousin passed the Olympic bronze and world silver and bronze medals of Bajrang Pony Dam with a result of 3: 1 and won the gold medal.

In the weight of 70 kg Mohammad Mehdi Yeganeh Jafari, after a break in the first round of the round, lost 6: 2 to Taishi Narikani from Japan, and due to the presence of this wrestler in the final match, he was also classified for the match. Yeganeh Jafari lost to Asian champion Sirbaz Talgat of Kazakhstan 4-0 in the match and finished fifth.

Weighing 79 kg Ali Savadkoohi, after a break in the first round, won the second round with a score of 8-6 against Bimbadorj Enkhbayar from Mongolia. In the next round and in the semi-finals, he defeated Yodai Takahashi of Japan 3-0 and advanced to the final. In this match, Savadkoohi crossed the barrier of Asian silver medalist Balian Gorav from India with a result of 9: 9 and won the gold medal.

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Weighing 97 kg In the first round, Mohammad Hossein Mohammadian defeated Zia Mohammad Safraf of Turkmenistan 10-0. In the next round and in the semi-finals, with a result of 10 to 0, he crossed the barrier of Asian silver medalist Sativart Kadian from India and reached the final match. In the final match, Mohammadian defeated Batzul Ulyssaikhan of Mongolia 11-0 in a beautiful match and won the gold medal.

According to the website of the Wrestling Federation, the ranking of the first five weights is as follows:

57 kg: 1- Kumar Ravi (India) 2- Rakhat Kalzhan (Kazakhstan) 3- Almaz Semankov (Kyrgyzstan) and Raikoto Arai (Japan)… 8- Reza Momeni (Iran)
65 kg: 1- Rahman Amouzad Khalili (Iran) 2- Bajrang Ponia (India) 3- Abbas Rahmanov (Uzbekistan) and Kaiki Yamaguchi (Japan)
70 kg: 1- Taishi Narikani (Japan) 2- Arnazar Akmat Aliyev (Kyrgyzstan) 3- Navin Navin (India) and Sirbaz Talgat (Kazakhstan) 5- Mohammad Mehdi Yeganeh Jafari (Iran)
79 kg: 1- Ali Savadkoohi (Iran) 2- Balian Gorav (India) 3- Arslan Budazhapov (Kyrgyzstan) and Yodaei Takahashi (Japan)
97 kg: 1- Mohammad Hossein Mohammadian (Iran) 2- Batzul Olzisaykhan (Mongolia) 3- Mammad Ibragimov (Kazakhstan) and Sativart Kadian (India)

At the end of the first day of competitions, the Indian team is in the first place with 95 points and the Iranian team is in the second place with 91 points.

Tomorrow, in the second five weight classes, Dariush Hazrat Gholizadeh (61 kg), Younes Emami (74 kg), Mohsen Mostafavi (86 kg), Amir Hossein Firoozpour (92 kg) and Yadaleh Mohebbi (125 kg) will compete against their opponents.

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