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The end of the restoration of the historic Bahrami Hosseinieh of Arsk Beshravieh

According to the Aria Heritage report, citing the public relations of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of South Khorasan, Sidamir Soleimani Rabati said on Sunday, December 12, 1402: Arsk city is one of the important population centers of Beshravieh city, and the historical context of this city includes public buildings and residential houses from the Timurid era to the Pahlavi era. Perhaps the oldest source that mentions Ersk is Hafez Abru, a historian of the 9th century of Hijri. Therefore, Ersk was formed in the form of a small village in the Timurid period, and based on the studies, the core of the city of Ersk was formed in the broad Safavid period and its residential buildings were also influenced by the local architectural style.

The official of cultural heritage, tourism and handicrafts of Beshravieh city said regarding the historical Bahrami Hosseinieh: this work is located in the vicinity of the main street in the form of a building with two porches on the north-south axis and two-bay porches on the east/west sides of the building, which is the physical evidence of its construction date. It is related to the Safavid period, which in the following periods, especially the Qajar, suffered invasions and occupations. This work was registered in the list of national heritage of the country on June 12, 2014 under number 31263.

Soleimani Rabati admitted about the restoration credits: In 2016, the amount of 500 million Rials was spent on strengthening, salvaging, and roofing the building, and with the allocation of 500 million Rials this year, the restoration of this historical monument was completed.

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