The end of the stock exchange today, May 30, 1402 / The stock market resumed the correction wave – Tejaratnews

According to Tejarat News, while the total index of the Tehran Stock Exchange experienced an increase of 91,000 units in three consecutive days last week and gave traders hope of exiting the correction phase, the result of today’s trading was a drop of 23,000 units, the main indicator of the glass hall.

Along with the declining trend of the stock market transactions on Saturday, the total bar index once again retreated from its 2.3 million channel and stood at a height of two million and 298 thousand units.

On the other hand, the equal weight index of the market behaved in the same direction as the main indicator and with a drop of 4 thousand 112 units, it was in the range of 760 thousand 974 units.

A correction that is not over yet!

After the sharp correction of the Tehran Stock Exchange in the last two weeks, in the last days of the last week, the successive steps of the green market made the people of the capital market hope for the end of the correction wave.

In the previous stock market forecast reports, it was pointed out that it is not possible to vote for the end of the upward trend with certainty. Today’s trading trend also indicates that the market still needs to move from hand to hand to prepare for the next wave of growth with the entry of fresh shareholders and the exit of shareholders who have recognized profits.

The value of transactions can be used as an indicator of the end of the correction wave. While in the days before the reform, the value of the transactions even reached the upper limits of 20 Hamat, currently, it is fluctuating in the 12 trillion channel.

Tehran Stock Exchange under the microscope of statistics and figures

The board of the Tehran Stock Exchange shows the volume of today’s transactions at 19.6 billion and the value of small transactions at 12.235 billion tomans. The low value of stock market transactions shows the public’s hesitation to enter the stock market

Investigating the ownership statistics of real people indicates the withdrawal of real people’s capital from the stock market. The capital inflow and outflow index at the end of today’s stock exchange reports that 737 billion tomans of money was withdrawn from the stock exchange.

The highest transaction value

During today’s market trading, the three shares of Pipod – Star of these days of the capital market – Khazamiya and Webmelt have the highest value of transactions, and the shares of Di, Khasapa and Kerman respectively have recorded the highest volume of transactions. Also, the share of Fars also got the highest market value.

Zamahan gained the highest yield of the day with an increase of seven percent. On the other hand, Kafpars recorded the worst performance with a seven percent drop in today’s market.

Enter smart money

The highest net real purchase was also assigned to the shares of Sesaf, Khodhar and Beniro. Also, the shares of Fakhuz, Kerman and Tasiko also received smart money during today’s trading. On the other hand, stock exchange filters show that the symbols of Fossid, Qazvi and Vares had smart money exits.

It should be noted that the highest per capita real purchases were in the shares of Vesna, Katbas and Atos. Also, Webmelet recorded the highest demand pressure during today’s trading. On the other hand, the biggest supply pressure was also in the symbol of recession.

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