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According to Tejarat News, today’s capital market transactions show that the current outlook of the stock market is bullish. It is enough to check the total index chart in the last month. Since the index went through a relatively sharp upward trend in two consecutive weeks and did not record a strong correction after that, it was expected that the stock market indexes would have an upward trend this week.

The global price of oil is increasing day by day and is approaching the $100 mark. Because if China’s production policies are examined, it will be clear that the rate of China’s industrial production and retail sales in August exceeded analysts’ expectations, and this has increased China’s oil consumption. On the other side of the story, the suppliers did not try to balance oil transactions. In general, it should be said that the available data shows that oil will become more expensive in the short term.

It has been known for a long time that with the increase in the price of oil, oil products also become more expensive. Therefore, this issue greatly affects the revenue generation of stock refineries and increases their profit. These two factors, i.e. the increase in the price of oil and the slow correction of the stock market indices, went hand in hand and made the stock market bullish today.

Today’s stock market at a glance

The end of the stock market is September 26

Today’s stock market transactions took place in such a way that the total index took a step against the direction of its last week’s transactions and was able to increase its height. So that at the end of today’s stock exchange, the total index faced a growth of 9 thousand and 50 units, which is equivalent to 0.43% of this index. Based on this, the total index stood at the level of two million and 135 thousand units at the end of today’s trading.

The balance index also moved with the total index command. with the difference that the increase in the index of small and medium market companies was slightly higher than the total index. In this way, this index will reach the level of 723 thousand and 176 units with a growth of 0.72 percent.

At the same time as the trend of the capital market indices changed, the value and volume of transactions also increased and recorded more figures than last week. It should be mentioned that the board of Tehran Stock Exchange shows today’s trading volume of eight billion and 500 million shares and the value of small transactions (shares, preemptive rights and mutual funds) is four thousand and 988 billion tomans.

Entry and exit of real money

Investigating the ownership statistics of real people today indicates the entry of real people’s capital into the stock market. The index of capital inflow and outflow at the end of today’s stock exchange reports the inflow of 116 billion tomans into shares, preemptive rights and mutual funds.

The highest transaction value

During today’s trading, the three shares of Zob, Shapna, and Kamase have recorded the highest trading value, and the shares of Di, Shasta, and Kerman have recorded the highest trading volumes, respectively. Also, the share of Fars also got the highest market value. Ghadaneh gained the highest yield of the day with an increase of 7.75%. On the other hand, Vebahman recorded the worst performance with a 6.37% drop in today’s market.

Enter smart money

The highest net real purchase was also attributed to Shepna, Thamskan and Farbaras shares. Also, the shares of Zob, Shepna and Kamaseh also received smart money during today’s trading. On the other hand, stock market filters show that symbols of Khavar, Khabaman and Khazamiya had smart money exits.

It should be noted that the highest real purchase per capita was in Ghafars, Ghamayeh and Darehavor shares. Also, Sakht recorded the highest demand pressure during today’s trading. On the other hand, the highest supply pressure was also in Defara symbol.

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