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According to Tejarat News, today’s stock market saw most of the symbols turn pale and finally closed with the drop of indices and the exit of real money. In this way, today 73% of market symbols became negative. This trend occurred as a result of the three factors of the drop in oil prices, the publication of 6-month reports, and the persistence of the Competition Council in the guise of a price setter for the automotive group.

Why did the stock market crash?

The news from the global oil market indicates that the price of black gold is experiencing a downward trend and it seems that the excitement of the Middle East war has decreased in this market. The trading price of Brent oil decreased by 79 cents to 91 dollars and 37 cents per barrel, while at the beginning of trading, it decreased by more than one dollar. The price of the US West Texas Intermediate decreased by 91 cents to 87 dollars and 17 cents per barrel.

Kalakhabar reported that both global oil market indices rose by more than 1% last week, which was their second consecutive weekly increase, and was influenced by concerns about the disruption of oil supplies from the Middle East following the war in Gaza.

On the other hand, the publication of the 6-month reports of the companies in the Kodal system started last night, and it has affected them. According to these reports, some big companies did not appear as expected and did not satisfy the investors.

In the meantime, it was also announced today that the heavy shadow of the Competition Council will remain over the automobile industry. It is said that the Saturday evening meeting of the Competition Council on the subject of reviewing the revision of domestic car price guidelines has ended with the extension of this council’s presence in the car market. This is despite the fact that the automobile working group of the National Competition Center recently proposed that the Competition Council should play a role only in the position of policymaking and supervision and that the execution of executive affairs should be left to the relevant institutions.

In this way, Iran’s stock market became negative today under the strong influence of this news, and while it was going to start the second month of autumn with the improvement of the investment process, it stopped rising.

Performance of indicators

The total index of the stock market went down by 10,320 units today and stopped at a height of 2,21,891 units with a decrease of 0.51%. At the same time, the equal weight index experienced a drop of 4,247 units and went down by 0.62% to sit at the level of 685,899 units.

On the day when the Tehran Stock Exchange was following a downward trend, the total OTC index also turned negative and reached the level of 24,866 units with a decrease of 164 units.

Effective icons

Today, the Web Nation symbol stood against the negative symbols and raised the total index by one thousand and 117 units. However, the symbols of Shabandar, Shepna, Kegel, Khodro, Fakhuz and Femli had more force and made the total index negative. Meanwhile, Thashehed, Webmelet, Shabandar, Thaman, Thabehsaz, Fbahner and Khagstar were the most traded stock exchange symbols.

In the foreign exchange, the symbols of Hormuz, Shegoya, Zagros, Aria, Khavar, Shawan and Vohor had the most negative impact on the total index. Meanwhile, Nyan, Topkish, Thapardis, Sadbir, Khavar, Bemold and Zamlard were the most traded over-the-counter symbols.

Volume and value of transactions

Today, the Tehran Stock Exchange witnessed transactions worth 4,528 billion tomans. Over-the-counter transactions today were worth 223,715 billion tomans, the majority of which was the share of Islamic securities transactions and open market operations.

However, the value of small transactions of stocks, preemptive rights and equity funds today faced a slight growth compared to the previous day and reached 3,775 billion tomans, and the volume of transactions of this group was 5,900,000,000,000 shares.

Today, the rate of withdrawal of real money from the stock market increased again, and while the withdrawal of real money from the market was 87 billion tomans yesterday, today this index recorded the figure of 374 billion tomans. Today, the fixed income funds of the market also registered an inflow of 53 billion tomans of real money, which indicated an increase in the sense of risk among the people of the market.

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