The end of the stock market today, October 25, 1402/ the growth of the market index in recessionary days; Indexing or prosperity?

According to Tejarat News, today oil symbols in the chemical and oil products groups were the flagship of the Tehran Stock Exchange and raised the overall index. This trend is influenced by the generally positive reports of companies and increasing fluctuations in oil prices in global markets.

However, the greenness of the Tehran Stock Exchange has critics who believe that this growth is more like indexing than prosperity! They believe that when the value and volume of small transactions are on a downward slope and on most days, the balance of real money is negative, the growth of the total index cannot be a sign of the improvement of the capital market. Some critics even accuse the stock exchange organization, as the capital market regulator and custodian of stock market transactions, of indexing.

Performance of indicators

The total index of Tehran Stock Exchange increased by 13 thousand and 90 units, equivalent to 0.65 percent, and reached the level of two million and 31 thousand and 240 units. The free floating indices of the first market and the second market increased by 0.69%, 0.81% and 0.47%, respectively.

The equal weight index was also increasing today and was able to rise by 3 thousand 162 units, equivalent to 0.46 percent, and was at a height of 689 thousand 942 units. It should be noted that today the total OTC index increased by 129 points and reached the level of 25 thousand 287 points.

Effective icons

Today, during the trading of the Tehran Stock Exchange, the symbols of Shepna, Shetran, Kegel, Shabandar, Kachad, Shasta and Shiran had the most positive impact on the overall index of this market. Meanwhile, Shasta, Khagstar, Shetran, Webmelet, Shapna, Abad and Tekardan were the most traded stock exchange symbols.

In the off-exchange today, the Eastern symbol had the most negative impact on the whole index of this market, but its force did not affect the positive symbols. In this way, against the decline of East, the symbols of Vespehr, Aria, Shawan, Shegoya, Vohor and Hormuz were able to raise the total OTC index.

Volume and value of transactions

Today, Tehran Stock Exchange witnessed transactions worth four thousand and 424 billion tomans. Today, over-the-counter transactions were worth five thousand and 728 billion tomans.

However, the value of small transactions of shares, preemptive rights and equity funds reached 3,891 billion tomans on this day, and the volume of transactions in this sector was 6,300,000,000 shares, which shows a decrease compared to the previous day.

Meanwhile, the balance of real money in the market was negative today and more than 151 billion tomans of real money was withdrawn from shares, preemptive rights and mutual funds. It is interesting to note that today fixed income funds also experienced the withdrawal of 132 billion tomans of real money.

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