The end of the stock market today, October 26, 1402 / Order control of the total index under the fire of war! – Tejarat News

According to Tejarat News, the investigation of transactions in Ferdowsi Square shows that the price of the dollar has increased by more than 1,000 tomans since yesterday, under the influence of the tensions between Israel and Hamas. The stock market also fell sharply this day, and about 76% of the shares were facing a decrease in price.

However, a look at the stock market today shows that the overall index has not clearly shown the dire situation of the stock market as it should. Because despite the decline of more than 76% of the shares and sales of 492 billion tomans, the total index or the order index shows a very small decrease.

Today’s stock market at a glance

Today’s stock market transactions took place in such a way that the total index behaved in the opposite direction of the previous day and decreased in height. So that at the end of today’s stock market, the total index decreased by seven thousand and 698 units, which is equivalent to 0.38% of this index. Based on this, the total index stood at the level of two million and 23 thousand units at the end of today’s trading.

Also, the equal weight index moved with the command of the total index and decreased the height by more than 6,900 units. In this way, this index will reach the level of 682,986 units at the end of today’s stock market with a drop of more than one percent. It should be noted that the board of Tehran Stock Exchange shows today’s trading volume of seven billion and 500 million shares and the value of small transactions (shares, preemptive rights and mutual funds) of four thousand and 182 billion tomans.

Entry and exit of real money

Investigating the ownership statistics of real people today indicates the withdrawal of real people’s capital from the stock market. The index of capital inflow and outflow at the end of today’s stock exchange reports the outflow of 757 billion tomans from stocks, preemptive rights and equity funds.

The highest transaction value

During today’s trading, the three shares of Hafars, Tafars and Sashahed recorded the highest value of transactions, and the shares of Hafars, Day and Fazer recorded the highest volume of transactions, respectively. Also, the share of Fars also got the highest market value. Zaksht gained the highest yield of the day with an increase of 6.98%. On the other hand, Sesefha recorded the worst performance with a seven percent drop in today’s market.

Enter smart money

The highest net real purchase was also awarded to the shares of Wafar, Fazer and Rishmak. Also, shares of Sedbir, Simorgh and Chekarn also received smart money during today’s trading. On the other hand, the stock exchange filters show that Hafars, Khagstar and Bepas had smart money withdrawals.

It should be noted that the highest per capita actual purchases were made in the shares of Shasfaha, Geshan, and Vafari. Also, Shepaksa registered the highest demand pressure during today’s trading. On the other hand, the highest supply pressure was also in Gdaneh symbol.

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