The end of today’s stock exchange / the escape of 2 thousand billion tomans of real estates brought down the total index

According to Tejarat News, Tehran Stock Exchange spent today’s trading in the same downward direction as the previous day and moved downhill at a faster pace. The total index of the Tehran Stock Exchange went down by 54 thousand 198 units, equivalent to 2.34 percent, and reached the level of 2 million 257 thousand units.

Today, the equal weight index had downward movements and with the fall of 26 thousand 389 units, it decreased by 3.38% and retreated to the level of 754 thousand 423 units.

Free floating indices, the first market and the second market experienced a drop of 2.28%, 2.79% and 1.7% respectively. The total OTC index was not in a better condition today and decreased by 737 units to reach the level of 28,304 units.

Value of market transactions

Today, Tehran Stock Exchange witnessed transactions worth 10,555 billion tomans. The over-the-counter exchange also experienced transactions worth 26,267 billion tomans, of which only 3,262 billion tomans were for stock transactions.

Today, the stock market experienced transactions worth 36 thousand 822 billion tomans, of which 11 thousand 560 billion tomans were the share of retail transactions. The volume of transactions today was 18 billion and 400 million shares.

Entry and exit of real money

Today, the stock market again witnessed the escape of real people. On this day, more than two thousand and 100 billion tomans of ownership was registered from real to legal ownership, which shows the return of mistrust in the stock market.

While during the last week, the balance of inflow and outflow of real money was gradually positive, but during the last three trading days, this direction has been reversed and the change of ownership from real to legal has intensified.

Stock market experts believe that the government’s recent policies in the area of ​​determining the exchange rate for petroleum refining industries and rumors about the forced correction of the stock market indices in the middle of May have destroyed a little of the restored confidence in this market.

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