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The Entrepreneurship Center of Semnan Technical and Vocational University was activated with the aim of developing employment

According to IRNA, Reza Naqdi on Monday at the opening ceremony of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Career Guidance of Semnan Girls’ Technical and Vocational College said: Entrepreneurship as a national strategy to create and increase the comparative and competitive advantages of businesses, economic growth, reduction Unemployment and solving social problems have been considered.

He continued: Entrepreneurship and Career Guidance Center of Semnan Girls’ Technical and Vocational College was set up with the aim of promoting and developing entrepreneurship culture, identifying and empowering, creating business and value creation, turning ideas into production and commercialization of scientific achievements.

Naqdi stated: Diversity and creativity in entrepreneurship projects and the industry-wide relationship with the university will cause the expansion of Semnan province more than before.

The head of the Semnan Girls’ Technical and Vocational College also said at the ceremony: “The Center for Entrepreneurship and Career Guidance has been established in order to provide a suitable platform for the implementation of innovative ideas of the students of the Technical and Vocational University.”

Sakineh Mandegarzad stated: Technical and Vocational University has become an entrepreneurial university through entrepreneurship education, establishment of university entrepreneurship centers, growth centers, centers of prosperity and creativity and expansion of entrepreneurial culture.

He mentioned the creation of skills for the applicant students and the income earned by the students as the main goals of this center and added: “We try to create a suitable space for creating and growing by using the potential of talented, interested and idea students and benefiting from professors and entrepreneurs.” Provide knowledge-based businesses.

In order to connect the industry and the university, the province’s Technical and Vocational University has signed memoranda of understanding with Semnan University Science and Technology Park, Sumfer Company and Qoms Qom Dynamic Young Thinkers (Japco).


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