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The executive operations of the new Asia Insurance building in Sari have started

According to the financial news report, quoted by Asia Insurance Public Relations, Masoud Badin, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of Asia Insurance, in the opening ceremony of the new building of Asia Insurance in Sari, referring to the outstanding capacities and capabilities of Mazandaran province in the field Manufacturing and agricultural activities, he said: The construction of the new Asia Insurance building in the center of this province is done with the aim of developing insurance services and supporting economic, industrial, agricultural and tourism activities in this province.

The CEO of Asia Insurance added: Asia Insurance has a great treasure in the name of human resources in the headquarters department and sales network, and as a result of the unique efforts of these forces, Asia Insurance has been recognized as a brand in the last two years due to providing competent insurance services to its policyholders. He was chosen as the favorite of the Iranian people.

Referring to the payment of 550 billion tomans for the damage of the Mashhad Electro Steel factory in the shortest time in recent days, the CEO of Asia Insurance stated: The payment of this loss in this financial amount showed that Asia Insurance has properly managed its insurance and financial operations. and with the approval of the supervisory body of the insurance industry, it has a valuable professional ability and financial wealth among insurance companies.

In the continuation of this ceremony, Ali Babaei Karnami, the representative of the people of Sari in the Islamic Council, while congratulating the beginning of the construction of the new building of Asia Insurance in Mazandaran province, described the CEO of Asia Insurance as a pragmatic and hardworking person in insurance activity and from this action of insurance Asia appreciated in the province.

He said: Asia Insurance has an acceptable track record in honoring the people and providing insurance services at the level of the country, Mazandaran province and Sari city, and we hope that the construction of the new building will bring good and blessings to the region.

The representative of the people of Sari, clarifying that insurance companies are not just a commercial organization, stated: the services of insurance companies are an activity aimed at supporting the people, and the people of Mazandaran should also receive favorable software and hardware services from insurance companies. and Asia Insurance has been a pioneer in this matter.

In this event, Amiri, the head of Asia Insurance branches in Mazandaran province, presented a report on the company’s activities in the province, as well as information about the new building under construction: the new building of Asia Insurance in Sari on a land area of ​​667 square meters and 5 thousand meters under the building, 11 floors and 86 parking spaces are designed.

Seyyed Mehdi Sadeghi and Faramarz Khajir, members of the board of directors, Gholamreza Sarlak, Technical Vice President of Property Insurance, and several managers and officials of Mazandaran province were present at the groundbreaking ceremony of the Asia Insurance building in Sari.

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